Baby Baby KidsMe Food Feeder Set

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Baby Baby Food Feeder Bundle
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Bundle Includes:
- Award winning and patented food feeder
- Icy Moo Moo Soother
- Silicon refill sac
- Food feeder holder

About kidsme
kidsme has been established since 2007, they are a diversified baby products company in the markets of age 0-3 infant feeding, oral care products and toys. Their Food Feeder is a scientific and innovated feeding essential that develop to change the babies’ traditional feeding habit into a proactive eating habit and encourage babies to eat more fresh food that beneficial for their development.

Award Winning and Patented Food Feeder
Introducing solids to a baby’s diet is now easy thanks to the kidsme Food Feeder. A revolutionary patented design, the kidsme Feeder makes mealtimes fun and satisfying. Babies love the feel of the feeder on their gums, and the taste inside. Parents love watching their child eat a variety of nutritious foods, without argument. Using the kidsme Food Feeder is a simple way to encourage independent feeding and to introduce solids earlier.
● Improved hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills
● Minimizes choking hazards
● Aids in muscle development
● Encourages self-feeding and independence
● Allows the correct daily vitamin intake required for a growing child
● Stimulates brain development
● Easy-to-clean

Silicon Sac
First stage: (Suitable for 4-6 months old)
This is the stage whereby we only feed spoonful of smooth puree to them, so the feeder is about nipple size.
Small: (Suitable for 6-8 months old onwards)
Change to small size silicon when baby can take in slightly more food, less puree texture (slight more lumpy) and shows signs of better intake of food. The feeder is about the size of a finger. Do not put in smooth puree in this feeder.
Large: (Suitable for 8months old onwards)At this stage they can take in chucky food, so it can encourage them to chew. The feeder is about our thumb size.

Silicon sac is to change every 1-2 months to provide good hygiene due to wear and tear.

Icy Moo Moo Soother
The kidsme Icy Moo Moo Soother comforts your baby’s sore gums. The food grade textured silicone is safe, soft and provides relief. With its innovative design it can also be used as an ice lolly, simply fill the cap with your baby’s favorite drink or pure and freeze.

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Baby baby Food Feeder Bundle SOLD OUT $38.90
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