TOOT! Live Performance

London born composer/DJ/sound designer DOM IV aka toot! seems to have an unquenchable thirst for new sounds; his tracks disregard genre and instead focus on drawing emotional and physical reactions from combing components from every type of music he can get his hands and ears on as well as the sounds of everyday life and nature. One piece might combine elements of classical American minimalism with dubstep, electro and new age music, another will merge the sounds and rhythms of Borneo with gestures taken from UK jungle music, French impressionism and recordings of nature. Time and location are just another tool to be used with the end goal of creating something to move your heart, mind and body.

Borneo Art Collective got in touch with him after hearing some of his Sarawak influenced music online and last year brought him along for the Borneo Laboratory in Taiwan where he explored the similarities and differences between the musical cultures of Borneo, Taiwan & his native UK through collaboration, live performance and a gallery sound installation. His performance at the Rain Forest Fringe marks the beginning of 6 weeks of collaboration and exploration in Borneo, it will feature music created in Taipei last year as well as a mixed bag over sonic delights and improvisations teetering between ecstasy and collapse.

Tickets are available in Singgahsana Lodge and online
Price : RM25
Thu Jul 12, 2018
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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Singgahsana Lodge
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1, Temple Street, Kuching Malaysia
Borneo Laboratory