How to choose good food in Japan 日本の食クラス レッスン1

Produced by Field Trip +


Japanese food class lesson 1 **SPOTS: 6 PEOPLE** (first come first served)


Do you know seasonal foods in Japan? Do you know famous production area of each vegetable and fruit? Foods in season have much more nutrients so let's learn and be able to choose good foods at a supermarket! You also learn how to use chopsticks properly so that you can teach your children.

◆Pick-Up Point◆

・Learn season and production area of Japanese vegetables and fruits

・Know Japanese basic cooking style

・Learn rules and how to use chopsticks with quiz and game

Enjoy chatting with local Japanese people


Ms. Sagebashi who provides effective dietary education at kids schools


【Date】2014.6.25 Meeting time: 10:45 Class: 11:00-12:00

(after class you can have lunch at Hatch if you want. You can either bring or order lunch before class)

【Place】Hatch Cowork+KIDs (Tokyo Metro Akasakamitsuke Station 5 minutes walk)

【Fee】 2,700JPY/person for first time, 2,500JPY/person for members who joined before (with cute summer chopstick rests as a gift)

【What to bring】nothing but an open heart so you can enjoy meeting new people

【Due】2014.6.18 (Wed) 18:00

◆How to attend◆

Please Press "Get ticket" and pay in advance

◆Schedule after 1st class◆

We plan 2nd or more classes about food in Japan. 1st lesson is not mandatory for 2nd or later classes but students at 1st class are given priority for joining later classes.


Please email info@pastel-be.com . Cancellation is not completed until you get the cancellation email. Cancellation fee is below.

•~7 days ... half

•7 days~event day ....... all

※if you cancel after the payment is made, we will refund the amount described above less the banking charge. With a credit card refund there is no banking charge

◆About Field Trip +◆

"Field Trip +" provides foreigners, living and visiting in Japan, the unique opportunity
to hang out with the locals through Japanese cultural experiences. Field Trip+
is produced by Pastel and Hatch Cowork+KIDs. http://fieldtripplus.com


外国人の方と日本の食文化を再発見!日本の「食」クラス **定員6名のみ**(先着順)






•ちょっと興味はあるけど行った事がないという方も多いのでは?コワーキングスペースHatch Cowork+KIDs での開催です 




【日時】2014年6月25 10:45集合 クラス:11:00-12:00


【場所】Hatch Cowork+KIDs (東京メトロ 赤坂見附駅 徒歩5分)

【料金】初めて参加の方2,700 /人 2回目以降の方 2,500/人 (かわいい箸置きのお土産つき!)


【締切】2014.6.18 (Wed) 18:00






info@pastel-be.com へメールをお願いします。キャンセルは完了確認メールが届くまで完了していません。キャンセル料は以下で日付はキャンセル依頼メールをこちらが受信した日時です。

•14 日~7 日前 ... 半額

•7日~当日 .... 全額


◆Field Trip +について◆

"Field Trip +" は「遠足プラス」という意味で、日本の文化を通じて外国人と日本人が一緒に様々な経験をする、PastelHatch Cowork + KIDsのコラボプロジェクトです。

Wed Jun 25, 2014
10:50 AM - 12:00 PM JST
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