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The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, Never miss neverwinter astral diamond with 3x reward points for Community Watch.forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post. Here’s what happened during?the last?week:

  • FotNS Performance Info Gathering
  • Random FAQ or discussion threads:
    • Can a Dev/Manager please explain what a balanced, Working as Intended Neverwinter would look like?
    • What don’t you understand about this game, or what would you like clarified better?
    • Please improve (limit) how weapon/armor(s) render visuals
    • Spoils of War:?Where are the areas that drop Spoils of War and is worth farming there?
    • Allosaur Fangs and Lion Hides: Where to get?
    • When will mod 14 drop?
    • Randomness of server shutdown times
    • Should Identify All be introduced as a free VIP skill?
    • Best Wondrous Fortune mount for DPS?
  • Builds and class related:
    • CW
      • Best path for CW in mod 13? (ps4)
      • Sharp’s Uncensored CW Builds (M13)
    • DC
      • What are the “must have” companions for the ACDC in Mod 13?
    • GF
      • Is there a Mod 13 Buff GF build guide floating around?
      • Best companion for guardian fighter?
    • HR
      • Is Rex Corona still BiS for combat in mod13?
      • Ring brutality+ 5 or Ring chult/omu +5 for HR DPS
    • OP
      • Neverwinter – Mod 12b High DPS Burnadin – ETOS Random Queue – Xbox One by ViperSL
    • SW
    • Miscellaneous Mod13 SW Questions
    • Cradle of the death god (Full run) Scourge Warlock PoV | Neverwinter Online by Bast Pulento
    • Cradle of the Death God Trial – SW Templock top healer – Neverwinter – mod 13 by Una Kejk
    • TR
    • 36 million Lashing Blade
  • Guides, suggestions and theorycrafting:
    • Dealing with Disreputable Players in Public Queues
    • QOL – VIP Ranks beyond 12
  • Youtube:
    • Neverwinter Maximize Your Refining 2018 by BY the People
    • Neverwinter: Signet of Patronage what you need to know by FNHUSA57
    • Neverwinter – THE BEST WAY TO FARM DROPS! (Unidentified Items, Black Pearls, Event Items, etc!) by That Anarchist Nuub
    • Neverwinter: Personal update and some Omu farming by Rainer
    • Neverwinter – Complete Intro to level 70 (Josh Strife Hayes) by Josh Strife Hayes
    • Neverwinter Mod 13 – Exalting Weapons Tips And Progress Unforgiven GWF (1080p) by northside
  • Blogosphere:
    • Lockbox Tutorial by?Neverwinter Thoughts
  • Recruitment:
    • Stargaryen Alliance Recruiting (GH20) on PS4
    • XBOX – the Poison Clan Alliance is looking for guilds
    • Casual Gamers-GH20 is recruiting. All levels on Xbox
    • Are you looking for a Guild? CK5 wants you on PC…


  • Is Kutlass’ Bloody Scale for Chain of Scales restoration an individual or a group drop?
  • Bugs:
    • [PC] MSP Fireballs by Kabal are Bugged
    • Naming Errors: Wootz Steel iGNot and Chultan Skeleton
    • Gorillas Spawn in Walls
    • Cannot swap Loadouts!
    • CODG Claw still not fix

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