The Fourth Dimension - Investigation into the Unknown

We invite you to a three-week workshop that will open a new Course of Self-Knowledge and Meditation.

The 4th Dimension of space – 18th April, 7:30 pm
Have you ever wondered if there are parallel universes to ours, if there are more dimensions then the ones we perceive, if time travel is possible, if levitation is possible? How can we explain mysterious appearances or disappearances throughout history? We will talk in a simple manner about what science discovered on this topic and try to explain the mysterious phenomena related to the fourth dimension. We'also talk about the Spatial Sense and how we can develop it to have higher perception of Space.

Astral Projection – 25th April, 7:30 pm
Astral projection is a natural phenomenon also known as dream or astral travel that occurs every night but we are not aware of it. Join us to learn precious techniques in order to astral project consciously and positively, at will, every night. We will give tips on how to move in the Astral world and what can we do there.

Meaning of dreams – 2nd May, 7:30 pm
We will talk about what are dreams, the different types of dreams, what is the meaning hidden behind dreams and how to interpret them. We will also talk how to use dreams as a mean of self-knowledge and methods of better remembering dreams.

The talk will be held in Training Room 1.
Contribution: 10 SGD
Limited seats, please reserve your seat at: singapore@ageac.org; 82564765, 98874445
Wed Apr 18, 2018
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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