Law of One by L/L Research (Singapore)


This is for you if you have come across the Ra Materials or the Law of One by L/L Research and connect with its spiritual teaching.

This is a regular gathering of free spirited people who have found the messages of the Law of One resonating to their inner knowing. The format of the meeting is free form and it would go along with the interests of the attendees but will surround the Law of One theme. No spiritual topic is too exotic or esoteric to the group.

If you are curious about the Law of One, you can start exploring at https://www.facebook.com/llresearch/ or deep-dive into it at www.lawofone.info. This gathering may not be helpful to you unless you have some prior inner connection to it.

If you decide to join, the gathering is held at a Table for 10 at the Pantry area of Mahota Commune (Level 3, Kitchener Complex, Beside Lavender MRT). Look for Ted, the organizer. Kindly RSVP as the seats are limited.

As the venue is a commercial place, the only expectation of attendee is for each to buy some food or drinks at the table.

Any question you can email Ted at twt3911@yahoo.com.

With love and light,


Sat Apr 28, 2018
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
809 French Road, Level 3, Kitchener Complex Singapore
Singapore Law of One (L/L Research)