Robotics 12-Week Mastery Course | 9-12 Years

Don't think about terminators taking over the world and killing humans.
Instead, robots already are a part of our lives (in a good way), and will be more in the future.
Amazon Echo, Google Home, Tesla cars, iRobot vacuum cleaner, smart washing machine - they are robotics and AI / machine learning.
Wouldn't you want to learn how to create advance robots in the future, that can help (not harm) mankind?

Here's where you start. In this Mastery course, you will learn stuff like:
1) Building a robot in the virtual robotics world
2) Design a robot based on specific requirements
3) Learn how to identify where things went wrong and troubleshoot (fix it)
4) Help a robotics company create a robot that can help the police and fire force during fire cases

To keep the cost affordable, you will be building robots in a virtual environment and will not need to purchase the physical robot, which costs hundreds. But your teacher will show you a real robot based on what you built!

You will also enjoy 3 lessons of coaching by our mindfulness coach, where you learn about yourself, your strengths (and how to maximize them), practising positivity and how not to let stress break you.

Each Mastery Course is 12 lessons x 2 hours each lesson.
Dates: Every Thursday (starting 3 May), 7-9pm.

May 3 - Jul 19, 2018
[ Thu ] - [ Thu ]
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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