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hen Abhinay Deo made his debut with a film like Delhi Belly in 2011, hopes were high from the man to deliver something on the similar lines. He’s back and though it’s not as good as his debut but given the scarcity of films of this kind, we’ll buy this with a smile. The thing which makes this less entertaining than Delhi Belly is its disfigured script. At times, the narration becomes too unconvincing to believe.

Amit Trivedi’s songs along with Mickey McCleary’s music ticks this film as perfect in yet another section. Nindaraan Diyaan is amazingly used defining the crux of ‘cheating wife’ in the film. With just one song Trivedi manages to build up a lot of emotions with Irrfan’s character. Songs like Badla and Sataasat are just another example of how to perfectly use songs in a film. Mickey decides to stick with Trivedi’s basics infusing a lot from his songs as the BGM.

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