Rome Expats & Sponsors: The Big Party!


It’s the founder’s Birthday Party and you are invited to join us for a BIG PARTY!! Everyone is welcome and don’t forget to invite and share this with your international friends! There will be raffle tickets & Prizes. Reservations are appreciated.

✅ Free aperitivo for all enrolled students .
✅ Free Sangria from 20:00-21:00.
✅ Cheesecake & Prosecco for everyone!
✅ FREE RAFFLE ticket for all reserved quests.
Raffle tickets and Prizes.

➡ 19:30 to 21:00 - Italian & English Lessons for those that signed up.

➡ 20:00 - Welcoming, greeting and introducing old and new friends in the front area.

Cost: €10 ᗷᑌᖴᖴET & 1 DRINK + 1 FREE RAFFLE TICKET to win prizes - 2nd drinks Beer/Wine €5 Cocktails menu price. - 2nd drinks Beer/Wine €5 Cocktails menu price.

If you are attending for the first time please introduce yourself to someone on the Rome Expats Team so that we can help you network and introduce you to others.

Lessons, legal help, and workshops will be in the back room. Language exchange, Socializing and Networking in the front area!!

We are expecting over +150 people to attend this event please reserve to avoid delays for entry. Reservations via eventbriteor facebook

Thank you
Expats living in Rome & Our sponsors ( #RomeExpats#RomeExpatsTHEBIGPARTY )

Tue Apr 10, 2018
8:01 PM - 11:02 PM CET
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Piazza dell'Emporio, 1-2, Roma Italy
Expats living in Rome