Nominity / ノミニティ 〜 渋谷・新宿で英語飲み(英会話初級-中級) 〜 #1


■会費 ; 3,500円

1) Nominityサイト http://nominity.strikingly.com/ より必要事項をご記入し、予約を完了させてください。
2) 当日。お店に入店後、店員さんへ「ノミニティに参加」することを伝え、テーブルまでお越しください。
3) 英語学習者をレベルごとにテーブル分けし、グループトークします。



We hold drinking sessions for language exchange at an izakaya.

■Fee : ¥3,500
• Non-Japanese can get ¥500 discount. In addition, you can get ¥500 discount if you make a reservation by 7:30pm, one day before (A total of ¥1,000 discount).
• The cost for food and all you can drink is included in the fee.

■Progress :
1) Please make a reservation from Nominity website. http://nominity.strikingly.com/
2) On the day - After entering the shop, please tell reception that you come there for Nominity.
3) Enjoy chatting while having food and drinks. As we change seats a few times, you can talk with various people. Though we talk in English basically, we will have Japanese speaking time if you want.

Please cancel using the cancellation form on the Nominity website by 7:30pm one day before the event if you want to cancel. After that, please tell us as soon as possible since we have to pay cancellation fee to the shop.
Fri Mar 30, 2018
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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土風炉 市ヶ谷店
入場券 FULL
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東京都千代田区九段北4丁目4−2−6 Japan
Nominity 渋谷/新宿周辺で英語飲み(英会話初級〜中上級)
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