SoulWorker English version will be Released End of Year at Steam

SoulWorker is an anime-style MMORPG for very popular PC devices, although currently only Korean and Japanese versions are available, many gamers outside the country are forcing it to play. Of course the presence of SoulWorker English version is highly anticipated. Gameforge as a publisher for the North American and European region ensures that the English version of SoulWorker releases by the end of 2017.

Official page SoulWorker has been created. Through comments on posts pinned on the page, SoulWorker English version will certainly release also in Steam. Gamers should be proud, especially those outside of North America and Europe, because with the SW Dzenai release in Steam, they will get easy access if the game is actually implementing IP block system.

Gameforge itself is known as a well-known publisher diwalayah west, especially North America and Europe. If you look to the games that they have published like TERA Online, the possibility of SoulWorker English version will also apply IP block. But just calm down, because it will release in Steam, you will still be able to access SoulWorker without using VPN and only the page in the Steam it affected block. This is just as happening as Black Desert Online and TERA Online (Steam version).

Soul Worker is an anime-themed MMORPG action game developed by Korean SoulWorker Dzenai developer Lion Games and published by Hangame publisher in Japan. This game tells about where the world is invaded by beings from another dimension, where humans have to defend the earth. When hope is about to perish, a power emerges in a youth group and begins a battle with the creature.
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