Is Path of Exile In the Right Way Now?

Hey guys, welcome to Path of Exile Fans Homeland, how's the day going? The new Bestiary league has been released for more than two weeks, and there are very different feedbacks from the players.

Some players believe that PoE is in the right direction and we will see a better game in the future, and some players think that PoE is on the edge of a cliff, they think that Bestiary is the worst league, and people need to pay more attention to poe currency exchange, so that they can prop up their economy in Path of Exile.

We cannot let them know things to like or otherwise like, if a person decides not to offer the game financially simply because they haven't loved the information patches, it's their right to do this. Is not related to could they be right or otherwise. Because that's subjective, there is no wrong or right in taste.

As being a guy stops buying mtx, another guy keeps extra cash while he likes what he will get, there is nothing wrong with any one of individuals people, within the finish, it's Grinding Gear Games decision the way they move ahead.

I additionally thought we put behind us the "league arrives in beta condition also it takes 30 days to patch up", but apparently we have not since this is the 3rd league consecutively that launches like shit and requires many small patches to regulate.

The correct answer is apparent that although they make serious advance when it comes to the technical department/seem/visual effects/artists, QA/testing and style has regrettably stagnated and is not ready a business of GGG's current stature entails.

So imo this ought to be a wake-up demand Chris to begin some recruiting for many better QA/Content Designers, I only saw job openings for such things as lore/art/customer careOrspecialized department this past couple of years. A few of the decisions they create come 100% from people who don't take part in the game/comprehend the game in a deep enough level.

Honestly, around people give reddit shit, Chris ignores and it has overlooked 90% of the demands this sub has already established for a long time, particle sliders/better graphical settings, removing burning ground until it's fixed, a significant "Cleaning" kind of patch, demands/information on leagues, etc. Like the number of occasions are we requested for the way to get rid of gore? Or methods for coping with scammers? Or perhaps a foreign exchange? Required me to 3 fucking years alone of highly upvoted posts just to allow them to give a vendor for those gems. GGG is a very weird developer, while they're incredibly tight with regards using the community and take lots of feedback from this, they likewise have this insane stubbornness to merely refuse some pretty logical demands, some that will get added after many years of pleading, after they get added everybody is much like "why did this take three years" ?

If next league they again ignore old skills I am uninstalling the sport.

How could someone in their office playtest Bestiary in excess of half an hour before realizing it's shit? How's that possible? You literally had the leading page full of complaints hrs after it launched. Such things as obscure bugs/economy of the greatest recipes that aren't well adjusted, that's stuff that's difficult to pin lower internally, you'll need player feedback for your, but fundamental things like bestiary feel? You literally had people raise concerns about Bestiary after bulletins were created, with individuals people not really getting used of test drive it, and individuals concerns wound up as soon as league really arrived on the scene. HOW Is It Feasible People ISSUES WITHOUT Accessibility LEAGUE As Well As Your TEAM WHOS PLAYTESTING Does not ??!?!? Incompetency, this is exactly why. Fire/Hire others. It's as easy as that. Some artist makes crappy art?

Bad balance. Constantly we have seen design changes that indicate these designers do not understand shit. Harness the Void in the manner it had been presented? How may you do this? How? Simple, you do not comprehend the damage refactor in your GAME and want Reddit to let you know it's unbalanced. Mine/Trap Sab nodes getting else dmg onto it? Major indication that who reworked that tree does not really play traps/mines enough to know individuals minor nodes make no sense to become anything apart from mine/trap damage. Oh are phys>ele conversion skills the very best hanging around because of scaling? Well, let us just add these Formed products who provide them with like 100% more dmg on the Grinding Gear Games rolls to help the space much more. Genius design. GC is dominating meta? Let us add GC threshold jewels !!! (don't even get me began how fraudulent and redundant design most threshold jewels are). Fuck the unused skills that may really use help, GC jewels !!! And there is many examples such as these within the last couple of years. Unaware people designing content/balancing it.

Are individuals absolutely loving Breach? Well, we can not obtain that! Let us lock Breach behind Zana 8. Really fuck that, let us not have access to Breach on Zana whatsoever, why would we embrace our most effective design ever?

PoE is among the best games I have ever performed, and I firmly believe that it would be fare better in the futures! And I'd like to grow up with this game, so I always share some path of exile beginner guide with newbies, I think they may need path of exile best orbs in game, and I would their Pathfinder, that's my honor:)
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