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You know we’re your #1 source for all infos about Neverwinter, but there’s actually one aspect of the “Lost City of Omu” release that we haven’t talked about on the blog so far. The “Chain of Scales” is a new buff item that’s listed in the collection window, but where to get it and how to restore it is not really well documented in the game. So this article aims to provide all the necessary information about the item and its usefulness. Buy safewow neverwinter astral diamond with $8 voucher under Chain of Scales Guide. What Is the Chain of Scales? First of all, the?Chain of Scales?works just like the?Adorable Pocket Pet?and?Tymora's Lucky Coin. You can equip it into one of your potion slots and once activated it’ll grant you one of up to seven buffs for ten minutes. As a buff device, it also competes with the Pocket Pet and Lucky Coin. You can only always have one of them active, not all three at once. Adding the Chain of Scales to your buff bar still comes with certain advantages. Since the buff players get is random, it adds another chance to get something useful. If you aim for Critical Severity for example, you can try the Pocket Pet and then the Chain of Scales. If both fail, you still have the Lucky Coin to return some buff of value. How to Get the Chain of Scales?

Getting your first Chain of Scales is pretty easy. Rank 1 drops from your first kill of?Fenthaza in the Fane of the Night Serpent instance. So all you have to do is progress in Omu up to the point where you can run the weekly, and you’re good to start some rattling! We’ve by the way seen reports of higher ranks randomly dropping from mobs, but that seems to have a pretty low chance. You might luck out, but 99% of the players will start with the Rank 1 version from?Fenthaza.

How to Restore the Chain of Scales?

The restoration process itself is also pretty straight forward. Right-clicking any Chain will bring up the known restoration window that shows all necessary Reagents for the next rank. You’ll always need 30?Omuan Treasures?and a so-called “scale”. Each rank requires a different scale that drops from various content:

  • Rank 2:?Resilient Abomination Scale?from the Abomination mini-boss in the Fane of the Night Serpent instance.
  • Rank 3:?Kutlass' Bloody Scale?from the Kutlass Hunt in Omu.
  • Rank 4: Tarnished Mind Whisperer’s Scale from the Merchant Prince’s Folly skirmish.
  • Rank 5:?Decayed Scale of Ras Nsi?from the Tomb of the Nine Gods?final boss Ras Nsi.
  • Rank 6: Bile Drenched Scale from the Tyrant Hunt.
  • Rank 7: Soulmonger’s Ampoule from the Cradle of the Death God trial.

The most difficult one to get seems to be the scale from the Tyrant Hunt. Some players are reporting dozens of kills without actually getting it. It might even be bugged, so be aware. Also not entirely confirmed is whether the scale can also drop from the Tyrant Heroic Encounter. Players are definitely farming it, but that might be because they don’t know better. I’ll update this post as soon as more information becomes available.


The?Empowered Chain of Scales?is a nice item to have, but requires grinding specific content. The good news however is that you should get close to all Reagents by just running the current Mod 12/13 stuff. So ideally you should get your Mythic Chain over time. Even if not, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. PVP players might however feel they need the buff to really max out. For PVE it’s a nice stat boost as well, but the random nature of the buff doesn’t make it a reliable companion in your daily dungeon runs.

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