【英語セミナー】Corgent LabのDavid Malkin氏が語る「AI-first Companies: Implementation and Impact」




3月23日(金)に、株式会社 Cogent Labs(コージェントラボ)のAI Architect、Dr. David Malkin氏をお迎えし、「AI-first Companies: Implementation and Impact」をテーマにご講演いただきます。

株式会社 Cogent Labs(コージェントラボ)は、世界中から集まったAIの研究者とビジネスの専門家が、最先端のAI研究と様々な業界知識を元にしてサービスを生み出す、急成長のスタートアップ企業です。

シリーズAで総額13億円の資金を調達、また今年1月にはソフトバンク株式会社とRPA (Robotic Process Automation)分野における業務提携契約を締結するなど、AI(人工知能)を活用したソリューションを開発し、今後は技術を応用しビックデータを活用したアプリケーションの開発やサービスの導入を進めています。








David Malkin(デイビット・マルキン)氏
AI Architect, Cogent Labs

Dr. David Malkin is an AI Architect at Cogent Labs Tokyo.
David's Ph.D. in Computer Science at University College London focused on the optimization of complex networks, including neural networks, using genetic algorithms.

Following his studies, David worked as a quantitative trader using machine learning to develop high-frequency trading algorithms. Seeing the tremendous impact of autonomous systems in financial markets in 2013 David established an AI consulting firm in London helping companies use AI technology.

David joined Cogent Labs in the early days of the company in 2015 where he works both in research and business development. Cogent Labs is a Tokyo based applied AI company which conducts cutting-edge research and applies this to real-world business challenges, from handwriting recognition to financial time series forecasting.

Jorge Calvo(ホルヘ・カルボ)氏
Deputy Dean, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

Dr. Calvo is an independent strategic advisor and professor, with 32 years of corporate experience as former Executive Officer at Roland DG Corporation Japan, President Global SCM Division HQ, and President & CEO in EMEA. His experience spans the fields of global operations management, global supply chain management, organizational change development and business strategy development, within the digital manufacturing industry.

Beyond this, Dr. Calvo has experience as a Visiting Professor ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Professor of Global Supply Chain Management at OBS Business School, Barcelona University, and is a Board Director and member of the Japan Operations Management & Strategy Association, as well as a member of the Council of Supply Chain Professionals, the Institute for Supply Chain Management, the Academy of Management. He is also a keynote speaker on Strategy, Change, and Leadership.


一般 2,000円(当日現金払い)



18:30~    受付開始  
19:00~19:05  オープニング
19:05~19:50 David氏 ご講演
19:50~20:20 対談セッション(with Jorge氏)
20:20~21:00 質疑応答


会場:グロービス経営大学院 東京校

・地下鉄有楽町線「麹町」駅 5番出口/徒歩1分
・地下鉄半蔵門線「半蔵門」駅 5番出口/徒歩10分

Fri Mar 23, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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