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The Clue Scroll Overhaul is here, as promised — the perfect hangover cure for Double XP burnout.Why not to get runescape gold with up to $10 cash coupon to earn Double XP burnout. Premier Club Gold members and non-members can all get some prizes. Premier Club Gold members get one pro bono, So what prizes can non-members get?


Provide some of rewards that old Clue Scroll to non-members, it can? freed up some room. so, you can now get over 60 new rewards, including:

1. New dragon masks
2. Globetrotter outfit
3. Ice dye
4. Second-Age Saradomin armour
5. Evening dress
6. Pyjamas
7. New dragon masks
8. Globetrotter outfit
9. Robin Hood outfit which including the higher-level elite version
10. Tuxedo


Change your clue for something new with the Globetrotter outfit, and you can teleport to clue locations! Additional, here are some of changes about your account:

1. Save up rewards in stackable caskets, then open them all in one go
2. Get up to 25 unstarted clues of each tier to begin
3. Use Meerkats to increase your scan range
4. Let new animation tell you when you’re onto something
5. A new hub for all your clue scroll needs (south of the Grand Exchange).
6. Hiscores for clues completed, categorised by tier
7. A collection log
8. Uri , Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix wizards get a fresh lick of paint
9. Improved drop tables

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