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Although Neverwinter’s “Lost City of Omu” is not a balancing heavy update, it features some changes to classes that are worth talking about. Happy to get neverwinter astral diamond with 6% off to join changed class balance.As the devs said multiple times by now, they don’t prefer sweeping changes to balancing at this point anyway. Instead, they try to introduce small tweaks gradually, see how they perform, and go from there. So let’s go through the classes one by one and see what Module 13 has in store for them.

Control Wizard

Control Wizards will receive a fair share of buffs, nerf and changes across the board. Nothing really changed for Renegade / Master of Flame buffers, but unfortunately overall damage could go down for your DPS loadouts. While Storm Spell can critically strike now, its damage has been reduced by 30% to counter some of the effect. Additionally, Wizards are hit by the nerf to Weapon Enchantments the most.

Various powers, across many classes, have been adjusted to trigger one weapon enchantment proc per target, per activation.

DPS CWs were using the Lightning Enchantment to utilize those multi-procs. Since that’s no longer the case, a good chunk of DPS is gone, and replacement enchantments (Dread or Fey) are not as strong. For AoE damage, the Storm Spell / Thaumaturge builds you were running should remain the best option. For single target it might make sense to look into Oppressor though, because its capstone has been changed. More information on that can be found here?and Sharpedge has already updated his mechanics guide for Mod 13 as well.

Great Weapon Fighter

The best news for GWFs this module is that they are largely unaffected by the Weapon Enchantment nerf. It’s probably the only class that can still rock the Lightning Enchantment, so it’s a buff by nerfing others. You should also look at Slam for your daily rotation since it can now critically strike. In case you’re interested, WickedDuck has written a full guide for Mod 13 PVE GWFs. You are probably covered just reading through?that.

Hunter Ranger &?Oathbound Paladin

Both these classes get little to no changes with true impact. Especially the OP will remain the same and retain its spot in the endgame meta as pure tank or Devo (Banedin) buffer. Hunter Rangers are viable DPS as well, but people that hoped for an update to the Archery tree will have to wait a little longer.

Scourge Warlock

The Scourge Warlock is the only class that’s getting a true full balancing pass in Module 13. Both DPS and support roles were buffed, but players doubt that it will truly lift the class to new heights in PVE. And in PVP Scourges seem to stay in the doghouse as well. For the amount of changes it’s actually very little improvement, but as stated the devs currently take a careful approach and might follow up with more tweaks later.

One bright spot could be the Temptation support tree as players have reported good performances from preview. But based on the feedback the devs seem to struggle to really help the Warlock on the DPS front. So it might be another tough module for all you Scourge lovers out there.

Trickster Rogue

Talking about having it tough, in comes the Trickster Rogue! Just like Scourges, there’s not a ton of help coming to improve their situation in PVE. A nice lineup of minor changes and bugfixes might enhance AoE damage by a bit and help TRs utilize stealth more. The latter could also be interesting for PVP as some players already say that perma-stealth builds could become more of a thing again.

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