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The Dragon Turtle Boss in Fangbreaker Island?can be quite a pain. In fact, when Storm Kings Thunder got released, it was the most difficult roadblock for most groups in the whole dungeon. And it still is for some to this day. The reason back and now is the annoying “slam” mechanic that deals quite some damage, and, more importantly, applies a stacking damage buff to the boss.

While most endgamers tend to just avoid the mechanic and pull through the fight, weaker group cannot. What you’ll frequently hear is that the group “lacks DPS” because they can’t kill the boss before it generates too many buff stacks.

As pointed out in this thread on the official forum however, smart groups know better. If you position yourself correctly, the boss won’t slam at all, or very little. The melee DPS spreading out is especially important as it also avoids the deadly multi-bite attack.

In the correct positioning scenario. The multiple bites attacks DO NOT HAPPEN AT ALL! In fact, that apparently harmless (on higher stacks it becomes deadly for meleers) attack can be interpreted as the boss signaling you that you are in the wrong position. If you see multiple bites often it means that too many players are too close to the boss.

We hope this helps you in case you have trouble beating the Dragon Turtle! Thanks to user “klangeddin” for sharing this!

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