World of Warcraft: Legion players will journey on the demon planet of Argus in Patch 7.3

During a World of Warcraft: Legion panel at BlizzCon last week, Blizzard detailed everything players could expect from Warmane Outland Gold two upcoming patches for the overall game, Patch 7.1.5 and Patch 7.2. But the developer also ended the panel that has a hint in regards to the future, suggesting that players is going to be journeying to a different planet called Argus.In a conversation with Polygon later from the weekend, World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas reiterated that Argus is resulting and confirmed that it'll take place as a part of patch 7.3, not as a fresh standalone expansion.
For those new to World of Warcraft lore, Argus can be another planet from the vast Warcraft universe that operates as one on the major seats of power with the Burning Legion, the demon army that is certainly once more wanting to invade Azeroth within the latest expansion. Argus once was home to your playable dranei race, a faction that fled the planet because the demons took over and corrupted others.Because of the company's huge set up World of Warcraft lore, rumors and fan discussion have swirled on in the case when players may go to that planet for decades.
Many believed Argus could be the setting to get a full expansion pack, but Hazzikostas says Blizzard decided against that.“It felt such as the right time,” Hazzikostas said. “I don’t determine if Argus would hold up for an expansion all alone. We could comprise a whole large amount of ecologies and things there, but with the end with the day, it'd feel like a really one-note, alien expansion.”Instead, he explained, the developer made a decision to make Argus the climax to your current expansion. Players will head to your demon world to attempt to push back this massive force once along with all. He compared it for the ending of considered one of his favorite games of most time.“It’s style of like the finish of Mass Effect 2,” said Hazzikostas. “We’ve been fighting on our end. Now we’re taking place our suicide mission, because this could be the only solution to save ourselves.”While Hazzikostas has already been excited for Patch 7.3, he wasn’t in a position to reveal any particulars on when players can in fact expect to notice.
Patch 7.1.5 will go live for the World of Warcraft public test realm in a few days, having a full release expected shortly after, and Patch 7.2 will observe sometime next, likely at the beginning of 2017. In all likelihood, don’t anticipate to begin your counterinvasion of Argus till the middle of next season at the earliest.For more on World of Warcraft and the other news from BlizzCon, require a look at our full storystream in the event. If you haven't bought Warmane Gold, you could access to MMOAH to get cheap Gold.
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