FREE EVENT: Astrology Of Different Personalities


We all have a different side of ourselves in all of us, which we show in different situations. It may be in a comfortable environment such as at home, or at a social setting and meeting people for the first time. It’s kind of like a mask we put on for different situations. However, the real question is: “Am I showing my true self? Is this the side of me I choose to show?”

In this event we’ll examine:
– The different sides of ourselves
– How you would experience and approach different situations
– What is the impression you give to others

Who Should Attend
– Individuals who are looking to understand why they may feel like a different person
– Individuals looking to improve relationships with others
– Individuals interested in Astrology and personality profiling


To RSVP: Reserve your seat, email us with your name and contact number at: hello@Selfstrology.com
Website: https://selfstrology.com/events/


About May Sim
May Sim is the first Asian Chinese to have graduated from the International Astrology Academy (IAA) with a 3.5-year Diploma in Modern Astrology Programme. She now lectures amongst renowned Astrologers from USA, Australia, Portugal, and the UK. Till date, she has seen over 1000+ clients in consultations, including Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Business Owners, Working Professionals and Married Couples.

About Selfstrology Academy
Since 2013, the Selfstrology Academy was founded with a passion for May to share her knowledge in Astrology with other aspiring Astrologers. Students from the academy come from 10+ countries including USA, UK, Wales, Switzerland, Spain, China, India, Myanmar, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The classes are designed to equip Astrology enthusiasts to put a chart interpretation together, in preparation for using this knowledge for more real-life applications such as in the workplace and people relationships.
Thu Mar 8, 2018
7:15 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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Reserve your seat, email us with your name and contact number at: hello@Selfstrology.com FULL
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15 Bussorah Street, Singapore Singapore
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