Dwelling [Fireside]: Guilt, Forgiveness and Letting go


If you had ever blamed yourself for something, how do you let go of the guilt that keeps you tied to the past? If it was as easy as affirming ourselves, letting go should be easy but why isn’t it? How do you forgive someone who shows no remorse? Or is it a matter of dealing with that part of us that is hurt, and for some reason holding on to the pain and suffering? How do you forgive your parents if they have hurt you in any way? Does holding onto feelings of animosity or cutting them off mean we’re cutting off parts of ourselves? Bring the questions you have to an intimate discussion on how to heal ourselves from guilt, shame and past hurts.

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Tue Apr 3, 2018
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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General Admission (Customary to purchase a beverage, snack or meal from the café) FULL
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