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In MU Legend, MU Legend Zen is a important way to improve your character. The more MU Legend Zen have, the more options you have when strengthening your character. One of the main sources of MU Legend Zen is top-up. When your character is still weak, you can buy some items with enhanced ability by using MU Legend Zen to make it easier for you to go through the earlier stages.

When your character has been strengthened to a certain extent, Dungeon is a very good choice for MU Legend Zen, because of the opportunity to drop some unbound equipment or special items that can be consigned to the trade center.

But for me, getting MU Legend Zen by buying and selling gear and items in random drops is a bad feeling. I like to get a large number of MU Zen at one time to enjoy what I want. So I like to buy cheap MU Legend Zen at mmoah, they deliver quickly and professionally, and I've done a lot of orders in their store and I'm very happy with them.
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