-International Symposium-
New Edo-Tokyo Research
Relativizing modernity for redefining the future of cities



Morning session – 10am to noon

Opening Remarks, Hidenobu Jinnai, Director, Hosei University Research Center for Edo-Tokyo Studies

Keynote Tokyo - An Atomized City and Their Spaces, Fumihiko Maki, architect

Keynote Impressions on the “Further Side of the River”, Junzo Kawada, anthropologist

Afternoon panel discussions – 1pm to 7pm

Session I. Figures of Modernity of Edo-Tokyo: Nature, Body, and Culture

Thierry Hoquet, Paris Nanterre University (philosophy)

Rosa Caroli, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Japanology)

Moderator: Shin Abiko, Hosei University (philosophy)

Session II. Macroscopic Concept of Edo-Tokyo: Post-Western / Non-Western

Paolo Ceccarelli, University of Ferrara (urban planning)

Lorena Alessio, The Polytechnic University of Turin (architecture)

Jorge Almazán, Keio University (architecture)

Moderator: Koh Kitayama, Hosei Univesity (architecture)

Session III. Philosophy and Strategy Enabling to Revaluate and Regenerate City of Water

Richard Bender, University of California, Berkeley (urban planning, architecture)

Antonello Boatti, Polytechnic University of Milan (urban planning)

Masahiko Takamura, Hosei University (urban and architectural history)

Moderator: Hidenobu Jinnai, Hosei University (architecture history)


This symposium is simultaneously translated between Japanese and English.

For registration or inquiry, please send email to the following address, noting your name and contact address: edotokyo-jimu@ml.hosei.ac.jp

Date Sunday, February 25, 2018

Time 10am – 7pm (Venue opens at 9am)

Venue Satta Hall, Hosei University Ichigaya Campus


Organizer EToS – Hosei University Research Center for Edo-Tokyo Studies


Admission Free

Flyer download https://edotokyo.hosei.ac.jp/application/files/9215/1739/8053/Etos.pdf


The international symposium “New Edo-Tokyo Research: Relativizing Modernity for Redefining the Future of Cities” is an inaugurating event of Hosei University Research Center for Edo-Tokyo Studies that has been founded in the university as an international platform for advanced and interdisciplinary studies of the city. Experts of relevant disciplines from both Japan and overseas will convene to discuss the wisdoms and other forms of asset that Tokyo have accumulated since the Edo period (1603-1868), while looking into comparable practices and proposals in other cities in the world. The symposium will form the initial step to building a new perspective for the future of our cities beyond the conventional model of the west.

The principal objectives of the Research Center for Edo-Tokyo Studies are to clarify what makes Tokyo manifest its unique characteristics in both tangible and intangible forms, as a means to exploring what a 21st century city could be beyond the western city models. The Center is a merger of the Research Center for International Japanese Studies, which has led a series of international collaborative researches on Japanese culture, and the Laboratory of Regional Design and Ecology, Hosei University which has conducted international comparative studies of Tokyo’s urban characteristics from historical or ecological viewpoints.

The Edo-Tokyo studies came into being in Japan in the 1980s when the country reached maturity as a society and Tokyo began seeking to define its urban or cultural identity. Interest in the historical assets of Tokyo extending back to the Edo period heightened. Meanwhile, the city also began to attract interest in overseas, having the urban structure and form that are fundamentally different from western cities and somewhat corresponding with the post-modern values.

Today, the whole country including Tokyo is beginning to shrink and age, which is inevitably forcing the city to change its set of values away from the high economic growth and development orientation in the past. More than ever, Tokyo is in need of manifesting its intrinsic cultural force against the heightening tide of globalization and reformulating itself into a sustainable society. What we are asked to do, in order to accomplish such a goal, is redraw the image of the future of Tokyo based on its own past, the fertile layer of urbanism cultivated in the Edo period.

Hidenobu Jinnai, Director

Hosei University Research Center for Edo-Tokyo Studies

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Sun Feb 25, 2018
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM JST
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Satta Hall, Hosei University Ichigaya Campus (http://www.hosei.ac.jp/english/about/map/access/ichigaya/)
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Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Fujimi 2-chome, 17-1 Japan
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