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It has interesting classes, but you have to research your build as there is no unpaid respec. So I suggest you buy Cheap MU Legend Zen, mmoah is a very good choice, their MU Legend Zen is cheap and fast delivery. After that you can buy the equipment and items you need in the auction house, which will make you strong soon.

Surpricingly good coop for an action based combat system, some don't like being locked in place but if you can get past that, it is both challenging and tactical and as opposed to so many other fast paced combat systems it has roles .. You know healing, tanking, crowd control, like a proper mmoRpg should have.

It is very much pay 2 win by my definition, but as always some have different tolerance levels for such. It is not realistic to reach endgame without some investment.

And you can get more information of MU Legend Zen from the site of MMOAH.
Tue Feb 27, 2018
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