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Path of Exile, a complex and quite unique ARPG, is the jewel in the crown of Grinding Gear Games. This game of dark fantasy literally throws players to a disturbed land where evil is at ease, and in which the Exiles have managed to build a few settlements to survive. The game has seven different classes, and has enough potential so that we can create almost infinite combinations of abilities through its complex system of talents and gems; the game offers exceptional PvE options, with which you will discover the secrets of this terrible place, in addition to having PvP, object creation systems and a lot of sites to explore.

The economic system - The economic system of the game is complex and intriguing, but it is what really differentiates Path of Exile from other similar games; in the game we will not get gold or credits, instead the trade works with an exchange system in which sellers will give you parchments and orbs for the items you sell them. These orbs and parchments are used to make items, and can be used to trade with other vendors and even players. The trade between players is a deep and detailed system, which has lots of internet pages and forums dedicated to monitor the economy of the game and to see how the value of the objects fluctuates; although the reality is that the more rare and powerful the object is, rest assured that there will be players who pay more than what it really costs.

The tree of passive skills - The level of customization of the characters is very high thanks to the huge web of passive skills, active skills and bonus attributes that we have at our disposal, and that will help us to define the style of play of our character. The distribution of the skill network allows us to have absolute freedom when deciding which skills to choose, with which we can create hybrids of the most unique and interesting.

A dark and unique environment - In the game you face the unknown after being thrown into the prison continent of Wraeclast for the crimes you have committed in your home continent, Oriath. In Wraeclast the exiles have to fight to survive against the dark beings that inhabit it since the fall of the ancient empires that were erected there. The feeling of not knowing what is happening, and gradually unraveling the secrets of the continent is unique; also the sinister atmosphere and the constant scares make you feel uncomfortable entering new locations ... since what you can find can be very unpleasant.

Hardcore mode - If you die your character is eliminated. And that's it. Game Over. To start again. And this we love.

Challenging - From the moment you enter the game you realize that it is not easy, and although for many this is something negative, especially for new generation players, who do not want to lose their characters or the time dedicated, to us love The high difficulty of the game makes you have to be careful at all times, since you do not know what unpleasant surprise awaits you beyond the next door. PvE is complex and often lethal, and discovering the value of objects or how to trade can take time, patience and dedication.

Crimping gems - Gems change the way your skills work. If with a skill you can shoot a fire arrow, you can get gems that cause you to shoot three arrows, or to do damage by poison... and if you combine them you will shoot three poisoned arrows. You can make a sweeping attack that also absorbs the health of the enemies, stuns them, or makes them catch on them. You can customize your team with lots of gems that can completely change the functioning of your skills ... and there are pieces of equipment that you can join up to SIX different GEMS ... the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Pay-to-Win? Non-existent - There is no Pay-to-Win mechanic. Getting to be a Free-to-Play game in which you do not have to squeeze your players and ruin the reputation of your game is very rare, and if you also get the game to stay competitive, we have to applaud you... and Path of Exile He has achieved it. In the game shop we can get a wide variety of cosmetic items, special aspects for the characters, new effects for the skills and even pets and decorations for the players' shelters. We can also buy other convenience options, such as more space for inventory, or more spaces for characters.

These are some of the things we like most about Path of Exile. What do you think? What do you love about the game? Do you want to add something else to the list? We are looking forward to your opinions!

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