Path Of Exile Gems Overview

The Path of Exile game was a PC exclusive but now it also came to the Microsoft console Xbox One, it is a free-to- play with several frantic battles, "Conquer devastating skills and valuable items while fighting for survival on the dark continent of Wraeclast." Skills are selected by gems that you find, the gems come in three color varieties.

1. Red for Strength.
2. Green for Dexterity.
3. Blue for Intelligence.

From there you can mix and match the gems you find by putting them in weapon and armor slots of the same color. If you have armor with a blue armor slot, fit it with a blue magic gem; sword with a Red slot, fit it with a red melee attack gem.

There are also support gems to add special buffs and added stats to make your skills stronger, and special items to upgrade items or change stats. If at some point you venture too far outside your class build your gems will become inactive because you may not meet the requirements to use the skill.

There are also special items with stats connected to them, such as a belt that grants the wearer an additional 30 points to their strength. Using Path of Exile items, gems, and proper skill tree selection to boost your stats you can pretty much build any character you can imagine and break free from the character class limitations.

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