March On- POSITIVE ME Camp!



March School Holidays

Date: 13,14,15 March


Join us for a Positively Fun and Creative Camp!

Children will participate in various age – appropriate, fun and stimulating activities combining Applied Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Kids Yoga. Young learners will pick up very important life skills to promote well-being, learn how to be calm, deal with frustrations and anxiety and train their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Music, games, and creative drama are infused into the programme to create meaningful associations and encourage children to find and express their authentic voices and self-expression. This provides opportunities for them to gain a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of success, which promotes positive self-esteem – leading to improved behavior and a happier state of mind.

Practice makes Progress!

The exercises learned can be applied seamlessly into their daily routine to maximize their full potential.

Mind and Body Fitness

Explore and discover how our mind and body are interconnected. They are parts of the same system, and each affects each other.

Positive Kids will kick start the day with Fun Brain Booster exercises and Kids Yoga to:

· Enhance focus and concentration.

· Build confidence

· Improve coordination

· Increase strength and flexibility

Emotion management

Learn to get quiet on the inside; identify how our body respond to the way we think feel and act.

Positive Kids will cool down with Breathwork (Conscious breathing exercises) and Mindful seeing, listening, smelling & movement activities to:

· Increase ability to relax

· Improve self-regulation skills

· Respond to stressful situations better

· Increase attention span and improve memory

Self – Improvement project

Develop the ability to sit back and look inside yourself, and positively recognize the areas of corrections to your actions or attitude that may be necessary.

Positive Kids will end the day with Journaling & Growth mindset practice to:

· Reflect upon the things they’re thankful for to increase positive emotions and optimism

· Improve performance and motivation to learn.

· See the connection between action and result; they can achieve their goals by working hard

· Spot fixed mindset thoughts and how to replace them with growth mindset thoughts.

Mar 13 - Mar 15, 2018
[ Tue ] - [ Thu ]
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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