The Relationship Of Skills/ Orbs/ Crafting In Path Of Exile

You will probably wonder what relationship these three can have with each other. However, crafting in Path of Exile is limited only to the creation of sockets of an armor or weapon on which you put the gems, but also to upgrade the equipment using special orbs. In practice, combinations are more than you can imagine! Some indicative upgrades that you can achieve through orbs are acquiring skills, improving equipment quality, expanding or processing sockets with a lot more. Orbs are perhaps the most important objects. Path of Exile Orbs are crafting, random acquisition skills, trading with vendors, and so on.

In addition to orbs, there are also gems. Gems, like orbs, can be bought from a vendor, accidentally dropped or bought by someone else. The particular feature of the gems is that they go upstairs like you. The higher your level the stronger you become. Of course, to rise level, your character will have to meet certain conditions. These conditions are the attributes. Gems are divided into three colors based on the attribute. Blue gems are based on intelligence, red in strength and green in dexterity. Colors will help you choose the gems, based on your hero. Here, you should also refer to the category support gems. Support gems give properties to the gems with which they are connected via the sockets.

Skills are the result of mainly gems and orbs and are a very important part of the battle engine. They are divided into active and passive. In many cases, they prove much more effective than a basic attack. Passive skills are permanently enabled, while assets must be activated by you. Of course, assets require mana, which requires proper management, especially in difficult situations.

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