Find The Most Powerful Hybrid Classes In Path Of Exile

Knowing which are the best Path of Exile classes can be the difference between being competitive or not. In free to play games, there is a period in which when you start playing you feel completely out of place because you are surrounded by people with much more experience than you.

This ends up showing more strongly when creating your character where the fact of having to compare between the statistics of one and another puts you in a very complicated choice.

One of the most important decisions you will make while playing Path of Exile is the selection of characters. Depending on the path you choose, you will discover that your style of play can be completely different. There are three statistics that define each class: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. Each character has an aptitude for one of these statistics and three exiles combine the traits of two.

  • Duelist: Strength / Dexterity
  • Shadow: Dexterity / Intelligence
  • Templar: Strength / Intelligence
The Best Hybrid Classes

The Duelist is adept at shortening distances quickly and dispatching enemy sys with swords, axes and double-edged weapons, although he can also use bows and arrows. Equip it with Scale armor to make it even more effective. In his statistics they highlight his probability of hit of 89%, his evasion in 59 and his life of 62, as well as his mana of 47.

The Shadow can use both fast weapons and magic from a distance, as well as traps and mines to destroy their enemies and find masks, jackets and shields with more comfortable to use. Again, it has a hit probability of 89%, as well as an evasion of 59 and a probability of evading hits of 32%.

The Most Powerful Hybrid Classes

The Templar is another good option to take in the center of a large group of enemies, as it can attack both with melee weapons such as swords, clubs, staves and also magic attacks. Chainmail and metal armor are his best equipment. Highlights his evasion of 58, his life of 62 and his mana of 52.

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