Path Of Exile Economy System: There Is No Gold

What is definitely bound to flourish and is at the same time one of the most interesting pieces of Path of Exile is your economy. There has been a revolutionary move from Grinding Gear Games, as there is no gold anywhere in the game! Transactions are mainly done with the so-called currency orbs. For example, to get a NPC armor in town, you have to exchange it with one of the currency orbs. Purchases between players are either through the game's trade channel (where it will look like a massive spammer channel at first) or at the official forum where you can create your own online store. Important at this point is to mention the existence of the development-approved Procurement program, which "reads" all of your stash items and allows you to easily create your shop in the forum.

Inside the game there is no Auction House where you can bid for an item or buy it. So the players meet face-to-face to make their deals by exchanging private messages where tough negotiations take place. Of course, during the development of the game a website was created for the most spoken, which is used as Auction House. The page uses the players' "shopping bags" in the official forum and places all the PoE items for sale in a database. There you can search for the items you are interested in more easily because the page has several filters so you can find the item you are looking for at the best price.

One of the most basic elements of the economy is foreign exchange. When you go for the first time to buy or sell something, you will find that you are not getting gold but a fragment or shard. And this is logical because Wraeclast is not characterized by its wealth. General money in their normal meaning does not play anywhere and their place has taken other objects!

Next to Mana, there is a menu of microtransactions. So what are the microtransactions? By paying regular money, you can access exclusive in-game items. But these items do not give you a lead in the game and they only provide aesthetic upgrades, pets that do not fight, more places for characters, etc. In no case does the payer have any stronger weapons or skills, which as a movement honors Grinding Gear gave it free to players to support it in the form of in-game donation rather than a pay-to-win model.

To obtain scrolls or Path of Exile orbs, which result from the union of many fragments and shards respectively, the quantity plays an equally important role as quality. That is, you must sell as many items as possible to vendors. In order to do this, inventory and proper management of the site play an important role. Large objects can take many places in the inventory while at the same time cost a little. That is why, besides the inventory, there is also the stash, which is clearly larger and has more space. The regular stash has four tabs and you can upgrade it through microtransactions by paying regular money. The stash can be visited in the city. Keep in mind that the stash you saved in Standard League is different from the one on Hardcore.

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