5th World Sports Yukikaki Championship

Unusual sport in OTARU(The World Sports YUKIKAKI Championship)


 Saturday Feb. 17 2018 9:30~17:00


 Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza,2-1-20,Ironai,Otaru-shi

 (Reception desk opens at 9:00a.m)

●Event sites

 Otaru Marine Square Tenjin-cho, Otaru

●Participants limit

 200 people(4-8 people/team, 40 teams)

Time schedule

9:00~9:30 Registration (Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza)
9:30~9:50 Moving to Tenjin-cho
<<Voluntary Yukikaki(Snow shoveling)>>Tenjin-cho
The residential area where we are going to do Yukikaki is an area where many elderly people live and have difficulties in snow removal. One of the purposes of Sports Yukikaki is to ease their work and make their lives more comfortable.
12:00~12:45 Lunch(Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza)
13:00~13:20 Opening Ceremony( Otaru Marine Square)
<<Snow shoveling & Move trial>>( Otaru Marine Square)
A time trial game that requires strength and team work. Carry a mass of snow to the position 10m away using the 2 shovels and the 2 snow carts provided.
<<Snowman contest>>( Otaru Marine Square)
Understanding, planning and strategies are the keys to win. Build a snowman using the equipment and hands. Snowman should be built with 2 round snowballs. You are also allowed to cut out of a block of snow to make a snowman. 1hour time limit. Points are given depending on the size. Points are added on specified decoration.
16:30~17:00 Closing Ceremony ,Results ,Award giving ceremony
(Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza
17:30~19:30 Get-together party

●Registration fees

 2,000 yen/person(including lunch, insurance, gear rental)
※Otaru local food Ankake Yakisoba(Fried noodles with starchy sauce) will be served for lunch
※Lodging: See the list below for hotels,inns and guest houses registered as Athlete Village.

Get-together party

 Party expenses :3,000yen/person


Championship flag, a trophy, winner certificate will be awarded to the champion and assorted Otaru seafood(by Nishikiya Saito) will be given as an extra prize. (Flag to keep for one year and return next year)
Certificate and prizes will also be awarded to top teams.

●<<Game Rules>> reading required before patichipation

Sat Feb 17, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM JST
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Sanbanko Gallery,Otaru Canal Plaza,2-1-20,Ironai,Otaru-shi
Registration fees SOLD OUT ¥2,000
Registration fees & Party expenses SOLD OUT ¥5,000
Venue Address
2-1-20,Ironai,Otaru-shi Japan
10min walk from Otaru Station
World Sports Yukikaki Championship

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