Hush@Community: Self Care and Story Exchange


Imagine - a world as one, where we break down the class of status and ability, where everyone is the same.

Hush - Singapore's 1st Silent TeaBar, invites you to a session of experiential empathy, completely led by the Deaf, with silence and in silence. A pause to slow down for self care and genuine connections with others and the community (Deaf). A unique 4-zone journey of quiet respite through our themed TeaReflection journey, TeaArt making and TeaWisdom sharing. Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Connect from a place of awareness and authenticity. In silence, we remember who we are and who we are to each other.

How do you engage and interact with the Deaf?
How do you order a cup of tea without any technology alteration these days?
How do you express your emotions without spoken words?

In this public Hush installment, we present you a 'same same but different' engagement with our Deaf TeaRistas. Kickingstart this story-exchange series, we have Rukh (Deaf ambassador for our Sweetly Intimate TeaMood) will share memories of the intimate moments she had with her late mum - Gentle yet firm; that’s the way her mother showed her love. From being her teacher, supporter to her confidante, the motherly love transformed what Rukh described herself as a young rebel to the strong and mature lady she is today.

There will be a Q&A segment with our Deaf TeaRistas where they will share how they manage different situations that arise with the Hearing folks and also how we can provide more support for our Deaf community.

Come join us for a refreshing and "in-tea-mate" exchange with Rukh and our Deaf TeaRistas as they share with you what love means to them. Learn how to sign 'I Love You', 'Thank You', 'Please Forgive Me' and 'I'm Sorry' - a set of phrases so simple yet many people took for granted for the true essence it encapsulated. "I was so touched when i learned to sign 'I Love You', I had never truly evoked such emotion inside out", shared a grateful Husher. In addition, you will get to learn daily words such as 'Good morning', 'How can I help you?' from our friendly Deaf TeaRistas too.

Listen. Let Hush celebrate all forms of love with you.

Hush@Community: Self Care and Story Exchange

: 17 March 2018 | Time: 3pm

Venue: Epiphyte, 47 Neil Road

Investment: $50 ($53.44 including booking fees)

[This event is co-host by our good partner - A Good Space powered by NVPC.]

Rush to Hush. Singapore 1st Silent TeaBar.
Bring Hush to your Workplace for Self Care, Community Empowerment and Inclusion.

www.hushteabar.com | hush@hushteabar.com

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Sat Mar 17, 2018
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