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Ptengine’s heat maps and traffic analytics allow you to peer over the shoulders of every visitor. Features include: Click, scroll and attention heatmaps / Multi-device monitoring / Analyses on you funnels and conversion / Real-time analytics on your websiteFind out what changes you can make today to keep your visitors clicking more, scrolling more and ultimately buying more.

Kobit Analyses your Google Analytics data and break it down into easily comprehendible language with graphs. With plain English and graphs, you can intuitively understand what is driving your website’s performance. In depth analysis on referral traffic, goals conversions and all the complicated matter translated nicely, you can prove your ROI to everyone with no hassle.

Docodoco JP is a Japanese well-known tool works on Google analytics and specialized in identifying various access data, like specific information of IP address. .This tool makes it clear to analyse who or what kind of companies accessed to your website, Features include: Geo Targeting / Organization Analysis / Fraud Detection / Access Block.

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