Path Of Exile Present Plenty Of Unique And Fun Features

Dynamite Entertainment and Grinding Gear Games are proud to present Art of Path of Exile, a visual history from the online action role-playing game's initial development through the seven subsequent expansions. With behind-the-scenes concept art for characters and creatures, expansive vistas of vividly colorful environments, and a sneak peak at upcoming content, this all-encompassing retrospective gives millions of fans an insider's perspective of Path of Exile's dark fantasy world.

A newcomer to the arena but one that is looking to enhance the traditional landscape and become a smash hit. The best way to describe this game would be to mash up Guild War's social and quasi-mmo aspects and Diablo 2's gameplay. That said, there are plenty of unique and fun features in Path of Exile to set it apart from the competition.

Grinding Gear Games has done a fantastic job coming up with engrossing passive and active skill systems. Instead of adhering to a set skill tree, players are given 750 nodes to activate in order to further their character’s stats and abilities. Think Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid but not that confusing at all. Path of Exile is looking to be the underdog in this fight but that doesn’t mean they can't do it.


Huge passive skill system
Upgradable active skills
Many different “leagues” to accommodate different types of players
Ethical cash shop means no unfair paid-for advantage
Worldwide PvP tournaments
Trade/barter system works to promote player trading of items – less greed


Guild Wars 1 type of online system still feels offline unless grouped up
That also means the same issue as Diablo 3, server woes effect solo play
Plenty of throwaway skills, easy to pick favorites or worthwhiles
Weird, unsatisfying barter/trade system with NPCs – no currency

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