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Art therapy is a creative process of improving one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being through art - crafting, doodling and painting. The idea of self-exploration is foreign as many skim through life trying to check all the boxes. The endless to-do list hinders our journey to dig deep into our inner emotions.

Through this workshop, you will be guided in the followings by an experienced art therapist to explore feelings and emotions through your own art creation:

- Recognize, understand and manage your underlying emotions and feelings

- Express yourself without any communication barrier through arts

- Find self-help skills

- Find out what your true emotional needs are

Art-making helps participants to improve relationship without losing the focus of individuality. It is especially effective for those who face difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings verbally. Using individual’s art creation, the art therapist will provide insightful conclusions and reveal certain aspects of oneself that you never knew existed. In return, you will be more confident of your capabilities and are more aware of areas that you need to work on.

This workshop is suitable for:

- Individual

- Couple

- Parent and Child

If you have attended any art therapy workshop in the past and would like to work on more in-depth art project this time, please notify us beforehand. Our art therapist will tailor the workshop according to every participant's needs.

About the Facilitator:

Lisa pursued her education in Art Centre College of Design in United States (Environmental Design) and ESMOD & Centre de Formation de Modalism in France (Fashion Design and Mannequin Patternmaking). During her internship with Romeo Gigli, she assisted the team in preparing fashion shows for one of the brands. Lisa was Inaba Shigeko’s right-hand man. Then, Inaba was a designer and the right-hand man of Jean-Paul Gaultier in those days that he created his own fashion labels. Lisa also worked as pattern maker and quality control specialist for other reputable fashion brands like Georges Rech, Christopher Lemaire and Morgan de Toi.

After spending many years in the fashion industry, she decided to venture on her own as an art teacher and therapist. During these 15 years, she set up her own art studio with the objective of helping others to uncover their emotional needs through arts. She strongly believes in using art as an avenue to understand one psychologically and emotionally with visual work and several art materials. Many individuals have sought her for art therapy. She guided them to discover their inner feelings and emotions through their own art creation.

At the corporate level, she has conducted art therapy workshops for organizations like Sony Ericsson, Abdael Surabaya (architectural design consulting firm), Yayasan Galuh (mental rehabilitation centre), Surya University and a military based camp in Sorong Papua to improve the mental wellbeing of the members and employees. During these workshops, Lisa guided them to discover their underlying emotions through analysing their brushstrokes, colours and symbols of their painting.

She has spent her entire youth working in the French fashion industry. She left the fashion industry to follow her heart on embarking a journey as an art teacher and therapist. She enjoys her job and finds it self-fulfilling.

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Sat Apr 21, 2018
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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