Dwelling [Speaker Night]: Dealing with Differences and Conflict


Conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. It arises when people disagree over opinions, ideals and needs, triggering strong emotions that can lead to feelings of hurt and disappointment. Not managing conflicts can lead to resentment and irreparable rifts over time. However, when handled in a respectful way, parties can deepen their understanding of one another, develop an appreciation of the differences they have, and strengthen the relationship.

Join our speakers in a discussion on the nature of differences and conflict, how to transcend them, and how they can be opportunities for growth. Speaker Nights are a great place to begin an inquiry on a life topic, through inspiring shares by ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives. Through their stories and journeys, get a glimpse into aspects about the topics we may not have explored. Sharing is candid, raw and real, reflecting values such as truth, respect, and wonder that fade as we grow older.

Cost: $10 (Free with 2018 Membership which is only $30)

We will start serving refreshments from 7pm. Please come to register and join us for mingling.

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About Dwelling:

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Tue Jan 30, 2018
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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Oxley Bizhub, 69 Ubi Road 1, #09-28 Singapore 408731
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Oxley Bizhub, 69 Ubi Road 1 #09-28 Singapore 408731 Singapore