Activision Blizzard stock downgraded on World of Warcraft declines

Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft has unequivocally dominated the subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game market since its launch in 2004. However, earlier this year, Activision Blizzard stated WOW subscriptions had fallen by 10 % since March, dropping to 10.3 million worldwide.
Pandas could possibly be WOW's only hope. In an angel investor note today, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Atul Bagga expressed pessimism over WOW's capacity to reverse its negative trend. In this process, Bagga downgraded Activision Blizzard's stock from "buy" to "neutral."
Bagga's move was primarily motivated by the Lazard Capital Markets survey of online players, which has been conducted jointly with Peanut Labs latest research by and polled 381 online gamers. The study found out that WOW's age, in addition to increased competition, may lead to an exodus of 900,000 to a single.6 000 0000 players following your launch of EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic in December.
To the stage that WOW's age, Lazard Capital Markets' study found out that 57 percent of former WOW players declared that they had reached end-game content coupled with become "bored." As for increased competition, the study discovered that 43 percent of former WOW players had quit on account of friends leaving for other MMOGs.
Bagga noted that Star Wars: The Old Republic, for example, stands to achieve from WOW's loosening wait the market. Of those surveyed that are currently playing WOW, 1 / 2 said they want to buy The Old Republic, having an additional 38 percent saying they can buy the overall game. The survey also learned that 87 percent from the 95 players in the investigation who were taking part in The Old Republic beta had already preordered or planned to preorder Warmane Gold for sale EA's game. The analyst didn't completely exclude a resurgence in WOW subscribers. The study indicated that 50 % of former WOW players would consider coming back on the game if Blizzard were to present you with a special promotion. Such promotions would eat into Activision Blizzard's important thing, however.
Bagga also stated that the game's fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria, should yield a nutritious resurgence in subscriber numbers. Of those surveyed, 33 percent on the former WOW players said they intend to resubscribe on the game upon Mists of Pandaria's launch. A release date with the expansion has never yet been announced. Now more ways to buy bargain Warmane Gold, as an example, visit official MMOAH site https://www.mmoah.com/warmane
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