Day Tours "Settaya": Settaya walking & Regional Sake Tasting Tour


SNOW FooDrink Tour @Nagaoka,the Authentic Snow country . Discover Rural Wlinter Experience !

Day Tours "Settaya " : Settaya walking & Regional Sake Tasting Tour walking & Regional Sake Tasting Tour

Settaya area in Nagaoka City, which escaped the bombing damage during the Second World War miraculously, is preserved nostalgic streets reminiscent of the past, such as the architecture of the Meiji Era Taisho period, the main shop and storehouse of each brewery to the registered tangible cultural property of the country. The brewery is still running, and the aroma of koji, soy sauce, and liquor overflows and tickles the nose of the person who goes on the road.

Nagaoka City is Kingdom of Sake :Medley of brands representative of Nagaoka's 16 breweries. and there’s the oldest brewery in Niigata : YOSHINOGAWA SAKE BREWERY in Settaya area. You can learn Echigo Toji : Tradition and Skill. Why not taste Nagaoka Sake ,it's so great !

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MEETING TIME : Please arrive by 13:45 PM for a prompt departure at 14:00 PM.*Please join us after lunch.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION :@PONSHU-Kan,In front of the ticket wicket of Nagaoka Station.

Groupsize: Max. 30 persons each course (minimum of 30 persons for total of each course)

FEE for Tours (1 person) : Day Tours or Overnight Stay,we are welcome to join Children, Infant,Baby.


13:45 You will be met by Tour Staff at the Ponshu-kan @ Nagaoka station .
14:00 Transfer by a private coach( Ponshu-kan in Nagaoka Station →Aore Nagaoka→Settaya )
14:20 Arriving at "Settaya ", Getting the coach off and meeting with your guides at the KOSHINO MURASAKI and going to the walking tour:KOSHINO MURASAKI →YOSHINOGAWA SAKE BREWERY →THE KINA SAFFRON wine storehouse→ Learning about the sake at the HISAGO-TEI in the Yoshino-gawa Brewery and tasting . All by foot movement.
16:30 Transfer by a private coach (Settaya→Senshu gahara Furusato no mori,”Atrium”)
17:00 Arriving at the Atrium, and the snow food buffet and dinner will be started .At the dinner, you will have SNOW FOOD Buffet great paring with Sake, of course local beer and soft drinks are available,too. Those snow-food creative dishes will be served by 3 Great Chefs ,Mr.Sho Suzuki and Mr. Takeo Yamazaki,Mr.Hiroyuki Wada, they are very popular and have a reputation for taste . You could taste and see several types of Snow food, then let’s learn Winter country’s original food culture!! (18:00-18:20)Watching snow fireworks.
18:50 Dinner ends.After Dinner, we take a walk around Snow Lantern Illumination (Winter Festival area) before getting on the coach. 
19:20 Depart to Aore Nagaoka/Nagaoka Station by Private Coarch .
19:30-20:00 enjyoy Shopping at PONSHU Kan.End of the day tours

(Overnight stay course)
19:30-20:00 Transfer from Aore Nagaoka by walking (2min.),and checking in Nagaoka Grand Hotel.
18 Feb 2018
06:30-09:30 Breakfast (Buffet) at Hotel
11:00 Checking out & end of the tour.

Common Note for each 3 Courses

-Please make own way to Nagaoka station.

-Children's hotel breakfast fee (if you are not occupying a bed at the hotel): ¥ 700 Child (an elementary school children) and ¥ 350 infant ( 4 years old and less than elementary school chidren) . Free for children 4 years old and below . Fee must be paid directly to hotel.Accommodation Hotel (1night2days course only): Nagaoka Grand Hotel (single or twin room)

-Meal : B/F 0,L/H 0,D/N 1 ( 1night2days course: B/F 1,L/H 0, D/N 1 )

- Tour mix with Japanese customer.

- Guide by Japanese staff and English speaking guide or interpreter.

-Transpotations: It will be carried out by the Private coach or taxi.

-Please join us to bring the clothes, footwear, rain gear suitable for snow. There is no lending.

-In the case of heavy weather,fireworks, the event may be changed or canceled. In that case, please note that there is not a refund of the travel price beforehand.

"-In any case, do not carry out the trip again.

" -As for our organized tour (“SNOW FooDrink Tour””Day Tour”), we apply cancellation policy below.
Full refund 21 days (Day tours : 11 days ) prior to your tour, excluding 500JPY transaction fee per person.
* Must be made 21 full days prior to 12:00 AM (JST) the day your tour is scheduled. For example, if your tour is scheduled for Friday, cancel by the 1 week before?Thursday at midnight (previous?Friday 12:00 AM in the tour’s timezone) for full refund minus 500 JPY transaction fee per person.
If you cancel within 20 days (Day Tours :10 days ), our cancellation charges (incl.500 JPY transaction fee) are as follows:
8-20 days prior(8-10days in the case of a day trip):20%
7 days prior-:30%,
2 days prior-:40%,
the day prior-:50%,
on the day- :100%
No show-:100%

For more detail, Please refer :http://8trips.jp, Terms & Conditions,
Organized Tour Contract Section ,〝cancellation Policy for Inland Trips."

- Depending on the situation, the course schedule may be changed without notice.
- Please note that photos and videos taken during the tour may be used for HP etc.

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"Book Now ! Please feel free to contact to 8TRIPS
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The promoter:Association of SNOWFOOD Nagaoka

Sponsorship : Kirin Brewery Company, Limited (Niigata branch )

Supporters' organization:Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation

Member of the association: Eguchi Dango Co.,Ltd, WA Dinig SHO, NIEIL Co.,Ltd,PONSHU-KAN Nagaoka, CHUETSU Disaster-Prevention Frontier,SUZU GROUP, MARUSHICHI -SHOKUHIN Co.,Ltd. YOSHI NO GAWA Co.,LTD, FARM8 Co.,LTD.

Tour Planning & Operation by 8TRIPS
Goverment Registration No.3-409 (Niigata)
Travel supervisor : Kumiko Machida
Address: c/o FARM8 ReAction Store, 3-3-19 Miyauchi, Nagaoka,Niigata ,940-1106,Japan.
TEL:0258-94-5223 FAX:0258-32-4811 http://8trips.jp


Sat Feb 17, 2018
1:40 PM - 8:00 PM JST
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