Learning Can Be Easier And Effective For Your Child!


Dear Parents,

For the longest time in the history of Singapore, probably since your time as a student, what do we do when our child is not doing well academically? The first thought that comes to mind will likely be to send him/her for tuition right?

As time goes by, even tuition is not helping that much. So we start to change tutors after tutors, tuition centres after tuition centres. It comes to a point where you start to wonder maybe the reason is that the child is not motivated. Hence, we send them for motivation workshops.

Does it works? Yes, it does! However more often than not, the effect starts to dwindle days and weeks after the workshop.

And you start getting worried again. Do you continue to send your child to another motivation workshop? Otherwise, who or what can help your child overcome his or her difficulty in learning?

I can assure you, you are not alone.

As educators who have been in the industry for the past 10 years in Singapore, we have been looking for the fundamental cause of lack of performance and also SOLUTION to the challenge.

We realised that the BRAIN is probably what we should be looking into and we went on to study NEUROSCIENCE. Amazingly it has answered many questions that educators, parents and even students have been asking.

It is how the child’s brain is trained and wired that will change how they learn. This is the missing link and also the FUNDAMENTAL that we should all be looking at? The most important organ involved in learning is none other than our BRAIN!

Once we are able to crack the code of our brain, this will help a child to study more efficiently and effectively.

It has a ripple effect even! Imagine once they find that learning is easy, it will increase their confidence level and this will help them find joy or even addiction in learning!

Join us for this 1.5 hour workshop to find out how you can help your child to enhance their cognitive learning abilities using neuroscience!

  • Understand the Power of Human Brain

  • Find out how our Human Brain works and how we can harness its powerthrough our breakthrough technology & training

  • Discover powerful secrets that can enhance the holistic development of your child's brain

  • Unravel fun, yet simple ways to improve concentration, focus and memory retention so that your child can learn more effectively and easier

  • Learn how, as a family, you can all develop our brain to be healthier and happier

Trust us, it is not rocket science! We always believe in making things simple and easy for our parents and students.

Sign up now and unravel the mystery of the brain to make learning a FUN and EASY experience for your child to excel academically and in life!

P/S: Let you in on ONE of the findings, the EARLIER you start developing your child’s brain, they will have a much higher advantage than those who start later.

Sat Jan 20, 2018
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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46 East Coast Road #01-03 East Gate S428766
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