Influence Chain Asia-Pacific Grand Opening - Influencer Revolution


Influence Chain Asia-Pacific Grand Opening

Sunday, February 4, 2018, 2:00 P.M. Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre. Singapore


INFLUENCE is a form of individualized in -
tellectual property (intangible asset). The public
widely reckons influential power of public figures,
yet it lacks an industrial solution which has the in -
teroperability across the centralized platforms to
organically comprise an ecosystem.

INFLUENCE chain’s ecosystem aims
to solve the pressing needs of how to:

1. Liquidize intangible asset into digital asset
2. Tokenize influence by turning unquantifiable into
quantifiable values
3. Create more token-based applications to enrich
the interactions between public figures and the society.

INFLUENCE chain’s technology
exploits the advantages of private blockchain by
building up a token exchange where influential
power (individualized intellectual property) can be
monetized into digital assets for the token hold -
ers. People with influential power (influencers) can
be celebrities, sports icons, artists, authors, en -
trepreneurs, and talented individuals, each of the
vertical has its unique supporters. INFLUENCE
CHAIN aspires to create brand new value flows and
uses cases between influencers and supporters.
On top of Influence exchange, we also built up a
global talent network to onboard talented influ -
encers by industrial verticals: sports stars, celeb -
rities, entrepreneurs, public figures as the first few
verticals to be launched at the beginning stage.

Many prestigious guests are being invited to our
grand opening across the globe from sports,
movie, music, and investments. We look forward to
your presence.


2.00pm: Red carpet walking
2.30pm: Opening performances
3.00pm: Founder's Speech
3.30pm: VIP's appearance, Interview with Founder and VIP
Founder's Speech
4.15pm: Stage photo taking session
4.45pm: Speech by Sponsor Representative
Speech by MAS/legal representative
5.30pm: Closing Performance
5.45pm: Closing Ceremony Speech
6.00pm: End

VIP Guest List

Jason Stathom
• Zhang Ji Zhong
• Tosh Zhang
• Ryan Lian
• Marianne Tan Poh Yee
• Michael Joseph Torres Vergara
• Shwe Wing

Sun Feb 4, 2018
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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