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With the announcement of “Lost City of Omu”, it’s time for the PC crowd to turn their attention to Module 13.Rush to buy cheapest neverwinter astral diamonds Xbox one with 3x reward points to learn Update in Module 13. Today I’d like to talk about system that are most likely to receive an update in the upcoming expansion. While most talk seems to be related to classes, I think it’s not the most likely addition. The balance is simply not in a state that would allow a new class. The devs made it pretty clear that they want to get it right, or as right as they can, before introducing new shiny toys.

I certainly wouldn’t rule out a new class, but changes are more probably in other areas. So let’s go through some systems and see what could make sense in Module 13 (and 13b).


We’ve already touched on companions in the first Podcast of Annihilation. It’s a system that’s largely unchanged ever since the Shadowmantle release, which just celebrated its four year anniversary. Most of the active bonuses on companions were never updated to level 70 stat levels and are no longer useful. And although there has been more than one effort to make a wider range viable over the years, it never quite came to pass.

The system suffers from some of the same issues that mounts had as well. While there’s tons of them with different looks and powers, only few really make sense. That’s bad for everyone. Just look at the random example of the?Ghost. It costs 1,200 ZEN and goes for 1,000 AD on the Auction House. Some of that can be explained by the fact that the companion drops from various other areas, but a large amount of the discrepancy is the lack of usefulness.?In my eyes it’s clear that companions need some love.


Yeah, I’m being Mr. Obvious with this one. Professions in Neverwinter are plain trash and something has to change. The devs have surrendered to bots over time and never made an effort to reinvent the system. Suggestions are plenty, now it’s up to the devs to come up with something. There was some hope a while ago when they added? Charles Gray to the team. The former STO designer worked at a mini-game “captcha” system for profession nodes over there. Foss said they are looking into porting it to Neverwinter so that they can at least bring? back some of the loot they had to scratch due to botting. The game files indeed include some resources that could hint at such a system, but that’s a bit speculative right now.

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