Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl Party! (SAT)

Bar tour in Roppongi

Meeting Spot - Tonight Bar (2F) - Roppongi Station Exit 3

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Pub Crawl. Why not?!

Yes, we know it's not exactly Cinco de Mayo, but its a great chance to throw a party and celebrate other cultures.

Our crowd is big and friendly, so be ready to meet lots of people. Japanese, non-Japanese, travelers, expats, students.

Many people come alone. We mix the group and have fun together. Groups are welcome, too. At the end of the night, we're all friends.

Each bar is very excited to get us all tipsy. Be ready to exchange languages, points of view, and hopefully phone numbers. Giddyup!

Doors open 6:30pm. If you're late, no problem.

Whether you're coming to kick off your evening of mayhem, or you plan to take the last train home, expect to make great memories of a night on the town :)

*Also, we have an event on Fri and Sat but bars are different. Join both if you want!

Quick summary:

Visit 4 bars/clubs in one night

✔ Make some friends and have a chat while making your way from bar to bar

✔ Check out some of the great bars in Tokyo while avoiding the crappy ones.

Free shots, free drinks, giveaways, and discounts are to be expected. Details below.

Pub Crawl Handbook (About the Bars)

• Bar 1 (6:30pm ~ 7:45pm)

A relaxed cafe or bar with space to meet each other. We will be doing a mixer/icebreaker here, so get ready to mingle!

• Bar 2 (7:45pm ~ 9:00pm)

A little more music and more exciting feel. More activities to help get to know each other better. Win free drinks!

• Bar 3 (9:00pm ~ 10:15pm)

Everyone should be happy and likely tipsy by now. You can dance, sit down at a table and chat, or join the crowd for games and more free drinks.

• Bar 4 (10:20pm ~ close)

This place will be more like a club. Most people know each other and ready to party. Dance all night (woo!), or grab the last train home (boo). Tables are available to relax here, too.

NOTE: You can stay at the last bar all night, or catch the last train home!


Pub Crawlers Receive:

• Free welcome shots at each bar. (4 free shots)
• Drink discounts at each bar - GREAT deals guaranteed
Many chances to win free drinks and other prizes
• No additional cover charges at any bars or clubs









First Time Crawlers (初めてですか?)

A pub crawl is basically a "bar tour" or "bar-hopping." We will organize a group of people visit 4 different bars together, finishing at a club. It's easy way to meet people, chat in English and Japanese, and of course there will be dancing and drinking.

Most of all, its fun and exciting, and a new way to experience Tokyo! Check out our photos on Facebook to get a good idea of what to expect:





---✄--- Check out this article in the Japan Times! ---✄---



• 18:30 ~ 19:15 Welcome shot #1 and kick off speech

• 19:45 ~ 20:45 Bar 2 and welcome shot #2

• 20:45 ~ 22:15 Bar/Club 3 and welcome shot #3

• 22:15 ~ 23:30 Bar/Club 4 and welcome shot #4

Pub crawl members can join or leave us at any time during the pub crawl!

These are approximate times.


• Time/時間: 18:30から23:30まで

• Place/場所: Roppongi

• Coming with a group? Discounts available (please ask)!

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Sat May 10, 2014
6:30 PM - 11:30 PM JST
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Tonight Bar (2F)
Guys / 男性 SOLD OUT ¥2,200
Girls / 女性 SOLD OUT ¥1,700
Guys / 男性 - 2 days (FRI 5/9 & SAT 5/10) SOLD OUT ¥4,000
Girls / 女性 - 2 days (FRI 5/9 & SAT 5/10) SOLD OUT ¥3,000
Venue Address
Roppongi 3-14-8 下条ビル Japan
Check out the meeting spot map. Take exit 3, and remember, don't cross under the big bridge or you're going the wrong way.
Tokyo Pub Crawl 東京パブクロール国際交流パーティー