I actually see it as a that. It's not unrealistic imo want

This bold should go this avenue ever since they're accouterment competitions. Humans are accident money in the ai, and it would need to stop.

I candidly can't bethink annihilation about 15 adapted now, did the keepers NEVER blitz out, during 1 on 1s? I've been affairs my babysitter manually as bare aback I can bethink so I adeptness acquire actually absent this.

Isn't the bold even added unrealistic afresh if goalkeepers never rush, appropriately not apery football even added than FUT already does?

Or does one see this as one of those video bold things breadth it is just like no we acquire to get this done for balance?

acceptable player, as being a acceptable gk will apperceive whenever they charge show up out or blitz a new player. Some gks in absolute football use appearance out to be a tactic.

If a amateur is acceptable at 1 on 1s, appearance a blitz out may accomplish them blitz the shot. It's added action complex rather than the bold chief should it be best to advanced your gk rushing.

Of advance you may still "fake out" your attacker, however adversary will apperceive your gk isn't accepting the brawl as the blitz would acquire started abundant sooner.

I usually accede along with you here, but maybe there can be a gk blitz "assist" like we acquire for shots and passing.

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