DSLR & Smartphone Photography: File management and workflow. Repeat.


Are you drowning under thousands of photo files?
I can see you now, snapping merrily away on your Smartphone or (maybe new?) DSLR camera that Santa brought for you.

At this point, my friends, I feel I must warn you, that you are in danger of drowning
... under your thousands of digital photo files.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. We get a new phone or camera, take a few (hundred) photos and promise ourselves that we will be organised with our files. We might even think about making a photo book or two to remember those special moments.

The holiday is over, months turn into years and before you know it, your memory card is full and your phone or computer is telling you your iCloud storage is almost full. Not only do you have no more space, you can’t find that great family photo or those photos from Aunt Betty’s party…(when was that again?), because they’re buried under thousands of other files...

Hi, I'm Naida Ginnane, an established photographer with six exhibitions in 2017 alone, including Singapore's Gardens By The Bay, Hong Kong and currently on solo exhibition in Sydney. www.naidaginnane.com Some of my work is also on permanent display at ClubCo corporate workspace.

As a photographer and artist, I understand the challenges involved with learning new technologies. However, with 35 years Fine Art Teaching experience, I also know the most effective ways to learn these new technologies.

After listening to many requests from workshop participants I have designed this class to help you

  • understand how cloud based storage systems work
  • create a workflow specifically to suit your needs
  • learn file naming basics
  • learn backup techniques to multiple systems
  • know when to delete and when to keep
  • explore new ways to use your photo files
...and much more.

Whether you are a DSLR or smartphone user, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to sort and organise your photos in a personalised way that you can use anytime.

The workshop will be held at the Clubco Workspace - rooms to the rear of Club Meatballs restaurant and cafe.

DSLR users please ensure you bring:

  • your DSLR camera if it has file naming function, and
  • your laptop with photo files and/or
  • SD/ memory card with photo files and card reader USB or cable

Smartphone users please ensure you bring:

  • your fully charged smartphone
  • a charger if necessary
  • no specific apps are needed

I'm looking forward to saving you from your photo files!


WOW! I really need this workshop!

My iCloud storage is almost full and I don't even know what that means!

Please, please please run repeats of this session.

Sat Jan 27, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Standard SOLD OUT $65.00
Venue Address
#01-05/06 China Court, China Square Central (access via China Street), Singapore 048422. Singapore
3 minute walk from Telok Ayer MRT, parking available at China Square, Workshop space is through Club Meatballs restaurant to the rear.
Naida Ginnane Photography Workshops