Columns: Ion Hazzikostas Live Battle for Azeroth Q&A Recap

On Thursday afternoon, World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and Community Manager Josh Allen took part inside the latest “live Q&A”. This time, questions were focused for the upcoming Battle of Azeroth expansion, clarification on several Blizzcon reveals plus much more. There wasn’t a whole lot of new information, but there are numerous keen takeaways worth noting at the same time as some things that ingested further clarification by Hazzikostas.

Artifacts & Legendaries

In somewhat sad news, Hazzikostas stated artifact appearances will continue to be tied to both class AND spec. Beast Master Hunters, as an example, will never be able to utilize the Marksmanship artifact bow appearance while artifacts are going away. This makes many in the appearances players worked to get immediately obsolete. The BM Hunter artifact can be a gun wonderful appearances determined by firearms.

In Battle for Azeroth, if your BM Hunter is definitely a bow (since weapon drops will return), they can't use the appearances unlocked for Marksmanship. Frost Death Knights may have two-handed swords returned thus to their arsenal in Battle for Azeroth, but will never be able make use of any from the appearances they unlocked ever since the Artifact is two one-handed swords.

The development team also are looking at Artifact talents and talents and considering which ones to take forward, which for making baseline and which to provide as talents and even to get rid of altogether.

As for legendaries, there will probably be far fewer in BfA in comparison to Legion. In fact, currently, the group doesn’t have specific ideas for legendaries in any respect but whether or not this makes sense, that is definitely something they will likely be looking at closely to include.

Class Raid Sets

Earlier soon, a meeting came out where Ion Hazzikostas says class sets wasn't going to continue moving forward into Battle for Azeroth. With the Azerite armor system, players will see that it may be designed to feature depth and customization options instead of having players locked into tier sets.

Later within the conversation when specifically talking about raiding, Hazzikostas said, “Of course a Mythic raider is going being better geared than anyone in Heroic or Normal or maybe a non-raider.”

What meaning, naturally, is usually that the general quality of things dropped in Mythic raiding will be much better than in every other version. In addition, there is going to be four armor pieces that could be customized with Azerite and some of those customization options can just be obtained in Mythic.

However, the down-side to what is otherwise the ideal choice for WoW altogether is always that there will basically one appearance per armor type, though there may well be more sets and variety across zones. Sets will probably be “themed” around where they may be gathered. If you raid, as an illustration, in Zandalar, it is possible to pretty much expect to own a heavy Troll influence to your pieces you collect for the class.

“This time, you should go on thematic origins. In a global of transmog, we would like to add art variety to your world -- Alliance sets, Horde sets, more options than before as an alternative to our 22nd or 23rd version of something. And, for your first time, non-class set armors is certain to get full hi-fidelity 3D armor pieces with additional details that normally were simply for tier sets." Hazzikostas said.

Allied Races & Standing Upright

To unlock one from the six new Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth (Zandalar Trolls, Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne for Horde; Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves and Void Elves for Alliance), players should have to adhere to a questline to create them to one faction or other. In addition, no less than one character as faction will need to get Exalted status your race. Hazzikostas gave an example to the Nightborne and just how that process is going to be streamlined.

“All a gamer will must do is play through Suramar story and take it one step forward to make them join the Horde. Rep barriers are now being removed to progress from the campaign.”

In essence, quests won’t be locked behind reputation levels to advance the story along.

Once unlocked, players can start a different character of these race at level 20 and unlike individuals that simply race change or boost to max level, individuals who take a character from 20 to 110 is going to be gifted Heritage Armor that's a cosmetic transmog item that may be characterized by its unique look based within the lore on the race itself. Think of dozens of beautiful Suramar armors for Nightborne as a possible example.

A question was inquired about what classes can be available for Allied Races and no matter whether all classes could have options. This was in specific regard to Death Knights and Demon Hunters. However, Hazzikostas stated that, because of lore specifically, these Heroic Classes don’t really fit using the current Allied Races.

“We take into consideration what races are cool and add up story-wise resulting in those to add within the future. From there, we take a look at what classes add up for them. Over time, we’ll provide options. Death Knight & Demon Hunter are special cases with special stories, timelines so forth.”

Lastly, male Orcs can have an option to pick an upright posture. However, other hunched males (Darkspear Trolls, Worgen, Forsaken) will not likely, though characters unlocking Zandalari Trolls can opt to utilize that instead since the male is standing upright.

With the Battle for Azeroth expansion likely arriving late buy, there’s still a good deal that we don’t know yet. Hopefully, Blizzard continue these live Q&A to offer a hungry audience with a lot more information with a pace to help keep the momentum going. Please keep eyes on https://www.mmoah.com/warmane which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of cheap Warmane Gold online.
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