We’ve jumped all with them into it.

We built a full platform wrapped throughout the architecture,” Azor said. “It’s amazing, for me, the milestone of our own industry that might bring us to this particular. Two enemies group to build this. It shows a customer-first mentality. I wish we're able to apply that in other industries. Two companies coming together to make a solution that’ll supply a better computing experience. It’s phenomenal.

Azor added, “We’re finding a thinner form factor, smaller overall form factor, lighter weight. Because of those benefits, we could put in more life of the battery, more features inside product, more performance. That’s a victory for everybody involved.”

Now a laptop might be only 1.7 millimeters thick and have powerful discrete graphics capability, with outputs likely to as many as nine displays at 4K resolution. Intel provides its Core H i5 and i7 processors while AMD is supplying its Radeon RX Vega M in the solution. Laptops created using the tech may also have a long life of the battery.

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