FIFA - Be from defenders accepting dispossessed

90% of goals I accept are from defenders accepting dispossessed. There's no point practicing defending, because as anon when you time a absolute tackle, the brawl bundles aback for the antagonist and perhaps they are through on FIFA Mobile Coins goal.

Or you move your apostle to attain a block, as well as the brawl hits off their bottom appropriate arise an opponent.

It's unfunny how abounding times this occurs. Nearly already every game. Is there in whatever way to abate this happening?

For me it's should you win it that has a absolute accouterment and also the brawl is a your defenders feet, the thing is that addition antagonist closing in so columnist pass.

But for many acumen the bold doesn't allow you to do annihilation (no amount how abundant you spam pass) approximately 1/2 a added and also the antagonist just runs and takes the brawl from you and is through on goal.

It's so god accursed annoying. It's consistently Martial,Son or Dybala who will it aswell. There absolutely should be a adjournment how bound assiduously home in over a apostle when they accept the ball.

The authentic abhorrence in this bearings could be that the ST it's still "locked onto" the ball, as it were, however your AI defenders will NEVER move adjoin the afar ball.

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