A Dialogue on Traditional Medicine - Health & Happiness, Asian Perspectives

Traditional medicine comprises medical aspects of traditional knowledge developed over generations with various societies before the era of modern medicine. Traditional medicine is the total sum of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures. Sorig Khang Singapore is privileged to bring together health practitioners who has deep knowledge in their own system of traditional medicine. So join us to learn more about these traditional methods to better health and happiness. 21 Jan 2018 (Sun) A DIALOGUE ON TRADITIONAL MEDICINE - Health and Happiness - ASIAN PERSPECTIVES Date: 21 Jan 2018 (Sun) Time: 2pm to 6pm (Registration starts at 1.30pm) Venue: SMU Administration Building, Function Rooms 4.1 & 4.2 (Level 4), 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065 Fees: S$30 (Public) • S$27 (SKSG member) Program Highlights: 1:30pm - Registration 2:00pm - Introduction of Sowa Rigpa - (Dr Nida Chenagtsang) A Himalayan healing science of Traditional Tibetan Medicine 2.35pm - Fundamental theory & application of meridian acupoint (Physician Chu I TA) 3.15pm - Tea break 3.50pm - Philosophy of Ayurvedic healing system (Dr Varsha Santhosh) 4.25pm - Jamu for women's physical & mental wellness (Nik S Adis) 5.00pm - Tibetan self massage for stress point and pain relief (Jacqueline Yu) 5.35pm - Q&A 5.55pm - Exhibition 6.30pm - End of event Featured Speaker • Dr. Nida Chenagtsang • Introduction of Sowa Rigpa - A Himalayan healing science of Traditional Tibetan Medicine Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Tibetan traditional doctor and lineage holder of the Rebkong Ngakpa tradition. He is also the founder and medical director of Sorig Khang International (http://www.sorig.net/), formerly IATTM, whose branches throughout the world spread the teachings of Tibetan Medicine and other traditional healing sciences of Tibet. Featured Speaker • Physician Chu I Ta • Fundamental theory & application of meridian acupoint Council member of Singapore Chinese Physician Association (SCPA) Group leader of Pain Management Group in Singapore Joo Chiat Chung Hwa clinic Associate member of Oncology Group in Singapore Toa Payoh Chung Hwa Lecturer of Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine International Yin Yoga TCM Acupressure Trainer RichLife Chinese Medical Centre Physician Physician Chu received his five years full-time Bachelor degree with Honour from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) in the year 2012. He has completed his clinical interns as a both Eastern and Western medical practitioner in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Since his return from China, he participated in the research of pain management in Internal medicine with both TCM and western medicine remedies. He now serves as a Group leader of Pain management medical group in Singapore Joo Chiat Chung Hwa and holding the position of associate member of Oncology group in Toa payoh Chung Hwa. As one of the youngest Council member in SCPA and lecturer in Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physician Chu has conducted numerous public healthcare talks, and with his dedication in TCM, he continues in promoting TCM healthcare knowledges and idea of “Preventive Medical” in the industry. Featured Speaker • Dr Varsha Santhosh • Philosophy of Ayurvedic healing system Having completed her graduation in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Pune University in 1996, Varsha Santhosh practiced in Pune for approximately 1 year. Thereafter she headed south to satisfy her thirst for authentic Ayurveda for inpatients. She began her career with The Ayurvedic Trust, Coimbatore and served as junior physician. Within 16 years she was appointed as Head-in-Charge at the Ayurveda Hospital & AVP Training Academy. During this period she was immersed in the management of patients of various backgrounds, from politicians to sportsmen, business tycoons to spiritual leaders. She is renowned for training people in setting up new authentic Ayurveda centres. Her in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda, instilled by her passion for Ayurveda has made her a very popular orator and teacher throughout India and internationally. She has traveled from the Far East to Southwest America to spread authentic knowledge of Ayurveda. As a student, she has consistently topped all inter-college competitions held for the narration of Sanskrit verses authentically. It is no surprise that it’s evident in her lectures on Ayurveda and the need to prescribe accurate prescriptions. Singapore radio has heard her consistently for two consecutive years where more than 100 episodes of her talk were telecasted uninterruptedly every week. She has taught Ayurveda to children in Outram Park secondary school for almost a year . Her success in Academics is proven by her popularity in various Universities of Thailand and Brazil . Her roaring practice is the proof of her clinical intelligence which sees various cases on daily basis from dermatology to gastroenterology from neurology to psychiatry. She has hosted and been speaker for both the International Ayurveda Conference held in Singapore. Featured Speaker • Nik S Adis • Jamu for women's physical and mental health Nik S Adis is the founder of Nik's Bodywork. Since 1997, Nik has been an expert in perinatal care in pregnancy and birth. She specializes in traditional Jamu herb Wrap Therapy which originates from the Malay Archipelago. She is also a Reiki and Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioner. Over 20 years of experience, Nik has supported numerous local and expatriate women in Singapore as well as internationally. Nik has also supported women in delivering babies in rural village and remote islands in Indonesia. The support given in Indonesia has given Nik another understanding of the issues facing women and families in birth, both rural and urban context and the great importance of massage care during and after pregnancy. An important aspect of perinatal care in Malay culture is MASSAGE, different from the regular massage, it focus more on the abdomen, uterus and the Jamu Wrap therapy. Nik will talk on how this treatment can benefit and affect the physical and mental wellness of the delivering mum and women's health in the long run. Featured Speaker • Jacqueline Yu • Tibetan self massage for stress point and pain relief Jacqueline Yu is a Sowa Rigpa practitioner as well as a yoga teacher. She leads groups on yoga & spiritual retreats around Asia. She is the co-founder of Basic Essence holistic wellness centre and the current president of Sorig Khang Singapore / ATTM (Singapore), founded in 2008 to preserve and promote the ancient healing arts of traditional Tibetan medicine. She is also Sorig Khang International (SKI)’s International TTM & Ku Nye teacher, conducting training in traditional Tibetan massage & other TTM external therapies. A student of Dr. Nida Chenatsang and a practitioner of Yuthok Nyingthig, the spiritual practice of Tibetan medicine, Jacqueline is also a guide for Medicine Buddha Healing, Mantra Healing, Nejang and Yuthok Nyingthig retreats. A member of SKI's head office team, Jacqueline Head of Activities/Sorig Aid, organizing free medical camps in Nepal and around the world. During the 8th century, the first known medical conference was held at Samye, Tibet. Eminent physicians from India, China, Persia, Nepal, etc gathered with Yuthok Yonten Gonpo, the Elder who represented Tibet. At this conference, medical and wellness experts discussed, compared and exchanged their precious healing knowledge and practices..... And Now! here we are in the 21st century, in modern day Singapore...with our modern day Yuthok, Dr. Nida... :) Health & Happiness, Asian Perspectives - An event to raise awareness in natural healing and to foster deeper understanding among the various traditional healing sciences! A half day event on Sunday 21st Jan 2018, 2pm to 6pm @ Singapore Management University, SMU Admin Building Level 4 A Dialogue on Traditional Medicine - Health & Happiness, Asian Perspectives - with speakers representing each major Asian Healing traditions - Tibetan, Chinese, Indian & Malay medicine!! Join us! To register: please go to: http://goo.gl/forms/iTjQYHU5kHc2DoCh2 Get tickets now!
Sun Jan 21, 2018
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Singapore Management University, SMU Admin Building Level 4
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Singapore Management University, SMU Admin Building Level 4 Singapore
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