Life and the Inner Search

Join us this Friday to a practical talk on the purpose of life.

What is the purpose of our life? We suffer the unspeakable, but what for? We struggle to obtain food, clothes and a shelter, and then what? What is the result of all our efforts? Living for the sake of living, working to live, and then to die… is this something wonderful? It is necessary to understand the meaning of our existence.

There is a secret path that gives all the right tools to develop and maintain understanding, happiness and clarity in our lives. This Path existed from ancient times, hidden in the knowledge that all great civilizations worldwide possessed. We will reveal how can we live it in our daily modern life.

The lecture will be held in Training Room 1 and will include a short meditation practice.
Fee: 10 SGD
Registrations and enquiries: singapore@ageac.org; 98874445

We will continue our series of self-knowledge lectures every Friday at 7:30 pm with different interesting topics:
-Karma and Destiny
-Processes of Death
-Reincarnation, Return and Recurrence
-Transmigration of Souls
-The Mind and its Possibilities
-The lost civilization of Atlantis

Fri Jan 5, 2018
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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SCWO (Singapore Council of Women's Organisations)
Standard FULL
Venue Address
Waterloo Street 96 Singapore
AGEAC Singapore