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While the Neverwinter community currently aims at winning the MMOGames end-of-year awards by a landslide, another reward is already in the books! Neverwinter once again made MassivelyOP’s list of MMOs with the best value heading into 2018. Snap up neverwinter astral diamonds with 6% off to join List of MMOs. Here’s what the editors over there had to say about our game:

7. Neverwinter

This game seems to have gotten slightly more love this past year than Star Trek Online, but you can pick either one to get a nod for their value. That’s not to say that either one is perfect, and there are still aspects of the business model that I find particularly… let’s say unsettling. But they’re certainly giving you good rewards for free, and while some money is probably expected, the net result is a pretty good value.

I’m really kind of hopeful that we learn more about the supposed Magic: the Gathering MMO next year, so then we could hypothetically put that here. Because let’s face it, this is a formula.

That sounds kinda good right? Well, except that last paragraph, but hard to disagree there. Actually, hard to disagree at all. While we’ve been critical with the monetization system as well, the game on the surface indeed is fully free-2-play. Casuals might not even run into a paywall ever if they resist the mental lockbox trickery. Impatience combined with the endgame is where this game makes its money.

And don’t get too disturbed by that MtG reference either. A new game in a studio like Cryptic is always pulling away resources and attention from other titles, but as we’ve lined out?it’s doesn’t have to be all bad.

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