Discover How To Learn Mandarin Chinese in 4 Days | Peatix,2011:1 2018-01-26T16:06:31+08:00 Peatix Langbotic Discover How To Learn Mandarin Chinese in 4 Days,2018:event-337844 2018-01-25T14:00:00MYT 2018-01-25T14:00:00MYT Achieve your New Year's Resolution in 4 Days!8 out of 10 people fail to learn Mandarin despite spending thousands of Ringgit on lessons, private tutors, books and learning materials. Here’s why:The homework is too boring and ineffective.Course fee is too expensiveOne-size-fits-all course covers things that you already know.Inability to juggle work and classes.Lack of time for revision.Missed a couple of classes and inability to catch up later.Avoid these pitfalls and learn Mandarin the Langbotic way.We’ve revolutionized the way to learn Mandarin. Combining our unique method of classroom teaching with interactive technology, we make it possible for you to learn Mandarin quickly and effortlessly.You will be given free access to a mobile learning app together with our learning material. Register today!Prerequisite: Very basic understanding of any Chinese dialect If you won't be able to make it for these dates, don't worry! Follow to be notified on our upcoming events. Updates,2018-01-02 15:03:02 2018-01-02 15:03:02 The event description was updated. Diff#305037 Updates,2018-01-02 15:02:15 2018-01-02 15:02:15 The event description was updated. Diff#305036